There was never a burglary in an office of the Ministry of the Interior or a breach in computer files, as it emerged after the pre-investigative investigation by the Athens Security Sub-Directorate which was completed.

According ELAS announcementin order to derive the conclusion, combined pre-investigative and research data were evaluated and utilized, namely:

  • the exploration and examination of the site by crews of the Criminal Investigation Department,
  • the examination and analysis of digital devices,
  • the examination of employees in the Ministry.

The pre-investigative material collected was submitted to the competent Prosecutor.

Ministry of Interior: The opposition is politically and morally exposed for the alleged burglary at the Ministry of Interior

Following the conclusion issued by the Greek Police, according to which no burglary has occurred at the Ministry of the Interior, the Press Office of the Ministry points out the following:

The announcement by the Greek Police that there was absolutely no break-in at the Ministry of the Interior, leaves politically and morally exposed all those who, without waiting for the results of the investigations of the competent authorities, rushed to talk about the breach of systems and the theft of important documents, even asking for the resignation the political leadership of the Ministry.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs had initially spoken of an “alleged” break-in, pending the completion of investigations by the competent authorities and while the first findings of investigations by the Ministry of the Interior itself had not shown any evidence of intrusion into the Ministry’s information systems. From the EL.AS investigation it finally emerges that “there was never a break-in at a Home Office office or breach of computer records.”

We expect Messrs. Kasselakis, Androulakis, Katrinis and Messrs. Poulos and Liakoulis to retract why they tried to instrumentalize sensitive issues for party benefits without even waiting for the findings of the competent authorities and why they tried to cast doubt on the electoral procedures that have been going on for 50 years years are conducted in an impeccable manner in our country.