On his TV hosted on the morning of Wednesday 29 May the press representative of the Hellenic Police, Konstantina Dimoglidouwhich referred at length to all the measures in view of it Conference League final at New Philadelphia.

“The police have already been on their feet since Monday, EL.AS. has been preparing for today for 4 months with continuous meetings with representatives of UEFA and the two teams”, initially stressed Mrs. Dimoglidou, adding:

“This is a great event, a celebration of European football, that’s why strict measures are necessary.”

He then reiterated the need for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods to travel with accreditation, as well as that ISAP Line 1 will not be available for citizens from 5pm, so the only way to arrive by public transport will be either from the New Faliro for those with “red” tickets (Olympiakos fans), either from OAKA with buses for “blue” ticket holders (Fiorentina fans), or from ISAP stops “Thisio” and “Irini” for holders of ” “white” tickets.

“In every such big event where the eyes of the whole world are focused on us, as you understand, there are many risks and threats. For this reason, the participation of both the Anti-Terrorist and the EYP, inside the stadium, is deemed necessary. On Sunday early in the morning, the entire stadium was thoroughly checked by the Greek Police. Today alone, more than 5,000 police officers are being used.”

Finally, Mrs. Dimoglidou assured about the complete safety of the fans also when leaving the stadium after the end of the final.

“People will leave the same way they arrived: escorted by police with buses for Fiorentina fans and then Olympiacos fans from Perisso to Neo Faliro,” he said, adding that the measures would cease to apply when he returned. and the last sports fan at his destination.