With the examination of the course of Modern Greek Language and Literature will begin tomorrow, Friday 31 May 2024, the National exams for General High School candidates, who claim one of the 68,851 Higher Education places for the coming academic year, 2024-25.

Modern Greek Language and Literature is the only General Education course in which GEL candidates will be examined. From Tuesday June 4th until Wednesday June 12th, candidates will be examined in Orientation courses.

The exam start time is set at 08:30 and thus, candidates should reach the examination halls by 08:00. The duration of the exam is three (3) hours.

It is worth noting that there will be a gap in exams due to the holding of the European Elections on June 9.

It is reminded, finally, that the Pan-Hellenic Examinations for EPAL candidates began today, Thursday, with the examination of the New Greek course. The Mathematics (algebra) exam will follow next Saturday, June 1, 2024.