A contract for the project “Unmanned semi-stationary sea platforms for maritime surveillance” (USSPS), was signed between the Hellenic General Directorate of Defense Investments and Equipment (GDAEE) and the company ETME, as announced today

Specifically, as announced, the Unmanned Semi-Fixed Sea Platforms for Maritime Surveillance (USSPS) project, which began in 2021, is being developed by the European consortium led by the innovative Greek company ETME and two of its largest defense manufacturers EU, Naval Group and Navantia. This important initiative is carried out by the European Commission within the framework of the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP), under the auspices of the Ministry of National Defense of the Hellenic Republic and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Cyprus, with significant co-financing.

The objective is to design, develop, deploy and demonstrate a novel, unmanned, highly autonomous, energy-efficient, offshore platform capable of integrating a wide range of airborne, surface and underwater sensors and UxV as part of an enhanced future network for maritime surveillance. The project was born from the patented concept of dual-purpose floating platforms owned by Greek innovative company ETME.

The system is powered by the Naval Group’s all-new C5ISTAR solution, which enables the acquisition and fusion of data, video, imagery and situational information from all USSPS sensors. The System will be able to provide planning and perform command and control of all sensors, outputs and UxV of all nodes and will maintain the Common Operating Picture (COP).

With ETME, as the consortium leader, and Naval Group as the technical coordinator, the consortium brings together major European industrial players as well as research centers. Their collaborative efforts have advanced the project to the prototyping stage, creating various opportunities for regional supply chains and strengthening the EU’s defense sector.

This 42-month program to study, design, prototype and test the solution is part of a long-term R&D collaboration between France and Greece and is expected to lead to significant market opportunities.

“This contract marks a historic opportunity for European SMEs. Leading defense SMEs can now demonstrate in practice that their innovative ideas can mature with the support of defense ministries and the European Commission in collaboration with prime contractors. This presents not only the present reality, but also the future direction,” said Antonios Peppas, CEO of ETME Engineering Solutions.

“It is a great satisfaction for the Naval Group to work on innovative projects like the USSPS that provide new capabilities for our navies. Naval Group’s aim is to continue to develop high-value technological solutions in cooperation with Greek industry and to further support the development of future Greek naval warfare capabilities through R&D projects with Greek companies, universities and research institutes in cutting-edge technologies.” said Patrick Mauffrey – Naval Group Program Director.