SKAI reveals: When will the measures for the coronavirus end – The “road map” of the abolition

SKAI reveals: When will the measures for the coronavirus end – The “road map” of the abolition

Images with vaccination certificate checks for entry into restaurants and retail stores will soon be a thing of the past.

SKAI reveals the roadmap for the phasing out of all measures for the coronavirus as presented at the last meeting of the committee of experts.

According to the prevailing scenario, on Monday, May 2, no vaccination certificate will be required for entry into retail and catering, and the relevant controls are lifted.

At the same time, it is envisaged that if nothing changes by then, the tests in schools will stop and only one test per week will remain for the employees in restaurants, food shops and tourism. And there the tests will be abolished on August 31, but they are expected to be re-examined then, if the epidemiological data have changed.

The road map stipulates that after May 2 and depending on the conditions, indoor masks will be optional. Exceptions are areas of health interest such as hospitals and public transport where they will remain mandatory until further notice.

In the restaurant and hairdressers will remain only for employees at least until the end of May. For supermarkets they are more likely to remain mandatory for employees and gradually depending on the circumstances to decide what will happen to customers.

The good scenario, however, which is currently less likely, is that all these measures will take effect before May 2, ie on Holy Monday, April 18.

Speaking to SKAI, Professor Gikas Majorkinis noted that he did not want to prejudge the developments.

There are three keys to finalizing the roadmap: the course of the pandemic, the pressure on the health system that is now de-escalating, and the ratification of the roadmap by a majority of committee members as many teachers have reservations, especially about masks. .

In any case, the goal of the government is to enter May with the least possible measures so that this is not a brake on the start of the tourist season.

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