Full Glass: Check out 6 beers with a taste of Easter


The gastronomy of Holy Week is not just about cod and Easter eggs. With an eye on chocoholics, brewers also take advantage of the holiday to show their versions loaded with cocoa, usually Russian imperial stout or pastry stout, styles that match the fruit — stout are those dark beers, with roasted malts, creamy body and, in this case, of imperial and pastry, high alcohol content. Check out some suggestions:

Easter Cocoa Tree 22 (Trail)

This stout pastry takes cocoa nibs from Baianí Chocolates, a cocoa farm in Bahia. To balance the bitterness, the beer also adds cumaru. But beware of the impetus, as the label is 11.7% ABV. Drink (and eat) in moderation. The 500 ml bottle costs R$ 46; in the Trilha taproom, it is also available in a draft beer version.
Brewery Trail – R. Apinajés, 137, Perdizes, tel. 4329-0193. Website: loja.trilhacervejaria.com.br; or at Empório Alto dos Pinheiros (r. Vupabussu, 305, Pinheiros, tel. 3031-4328).

Demon Wants Chocolate (Demon)

In addition to the best IPA in Brazil at the Brazilian Beer Contest, the Santos brewery won the gold medal at the same festival with this Russian imperial stout. With 11% alcohol, the beer features Amazonian cocoa nibs from the Acará River region, provided by award-winning chocolatier Luisa Abram. The 473 ml can costs R$ 43.
Emporium Alto dos Pinheiros

The Guaicuru (Spartacus + Tarin)

The Minas Gerais breweries were inspired by a Mexican cake, with chocolate, pepper and cinnamon. This is how this imperial stout was born, with an alcohol content of 11%, with premium cocoa and lots of Madagascar vanilla. To top it off, Ceylon cinnamon and a pinch of Habanero pepper. The can with 473 ml costs R$ 57.
tap Tap – r. da Consolação, 455, Consolação, tel. 98401-8206.

Imperial Stout Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee (Hankzbier)

The Juiz de Fora brewery made a small batch, as usual, for this imperial with the addition of cinnamon, coffee and cocoa nibs. The result is a beer with light spiciness and notes of chocolate and caramel distributed in 9.8% alcohol. If you like the idea, run: Tap Tap has only 15 liters of fresh beer, on draft, from R$ 25 (190 ml) to R$ 49 (450 ml).
tap Tap – r. da Consolação, 455, Consolação, tel. 98401-8206.

Cyber ​​Lab Easter Kit

The brewhouse in the Moema region prepared a kit consisting of two 473 ml cans of oatmeal stout Hijack, and a bar of semisweet chocolate filled with Nutella, for R$155. Produced in-house, the beer features oatmeal, smoked malt and cocoa nibs, plus a French oak chips dipped in Jack Daniels, to add a whiskey touch to the drink.
cyber Lab – r. Chibaras, 695, Indianapolis, tel. 99377-8848. Instagram: @cybeer_lab.

Vicious Delicious Stout (Dogma Brewery)

The São Paulo brewery used the base of an imperial stout to combine Ceylon cinnamon, cocoa, vanilla and Wolff Café coffee, with hints of caramel and spice. The version was 10% alcohol and can be found in draft beer at the brand’s taproom. Canned, also at EAP, for R$ 54.
Dogma Brewery – r. Fortunato, 236, Vila Buarque, tel. 99249-9887. Website: cerariadogma.com.br/loja; also at Empório Alto dos Pinheiros

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