Papaevangelou in SKAI: How lockdown can be associated with hepatitis in children


The professor of pediatric infectious diseases, Vana Papaevangelou, spoke to SKAI and the show “Simera” about acute hepatitis in children and how it is connected with lockdown.

As he said, EODY is in constant cooperation and consultation with all the institutional organizations, while the pediatricians have been informed both by the Organization and by their foreign colleagues.

“It seems that the cases started in January, there was a big outbreak during March, and they have exceeded 100 cases in the United Kingdom, where we have the largest record. They are children mainly under 5 years old, who show the image of gastroenteritis and quickly develop a typical image of hepatitis, with jaundice, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain “, said Ms. Papaevangelou.

In fact, he said that we probably “have the solution to the riddle” and it is probably an adenovirus.

“The doctors expected us to see things in the coming weeks when the relaxation of the measures started and that is because the 2-3 year old children grew up in a sterile environment and an immune gap has been created. Now, ecologically, with the lifting of measures, viruses are filling this gap. “Where a child would have two diarrhea, he now has hepatitis,” he explained.

She stressed that she would not be surprised if we had such cases in Greece, however she appeared reassuring.

Regarding the pandemic, the professor pointed out that the messages are very optimistic, as daily imports have doubled in the last fortnight, while a large decrease is observed in the incidence of cases. “The pandemic is escalating. “For the first time, the average rolling average fell below 10,000, a number we have been seeing since 2021,” he concluded.

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