In the hands of EL.AS. archaeologists operating in Thessaly-Large police operation


In her hands THE GREEK POLICE. There are 4 members of a criminal group of archaeologists who operated in the greater area of ​​Thessaly.

The action of a criminal group was verified by the Security Department of Trikala.

The perpetrators were active in mediating to find buyers for ancient objects, valuing such objects, conducting excavations to find ancient objects, as well as in mediating to find buyers for the sale of works of art throughout Greece.

A large police operation was carried out yesterday (19-04-2022) that included legal searches in the homes of people involved in Trikala and Kalampaka, Municipality of Tempi in the prefecture of Larissa, wider area of ​​Magnesia, Athens and Piraeus, Thermi of Thessaloniki and Heraklion of Crete. Security Department of Trikala, the Security Sub-Directorate of Larissa, the Security Sub-Directorate of Volos, the Sub-Directorate for the Protection of Property Rights, Cultural Heritage and Environment of Attica, the Security Sub-Directorate of Heraklion and the Security Department of Thermi Thessaloniki.

As part of the operation, -4- local men were arrested and specifically -2- in the prefecture of Trikala, -1- in the prefecture of Larissa and -1- in the prefecture of Magnesia.

-19- people are involved in the case, while the action of the criminal group has been determined during the last two months or so.

The people involved and those arrested, with the cases against them, are charged, as the case may be, with a criminal group, violation of the laws on the protection of antiquities and cultural heritage in general, violation of the law on explosives, violation of the laws on drugs and for weapons, distinguished theft, as well as for violation of the Customs Code.

During the regular searches in the above-mentioned areas, the following were found and confiscated:

in Kalampaka and Trikala, in houses of -4- people:

· -1- pistol,

· -5- revolvers,

· -31- cartridges,

· -1- cartridge projectile,

· -2- submachine gun metal parts,

· -1- metal part of detonated grenade,

· -4- bayonets,

· -1- Turkish sword of the First World War,

· -1- oxidized cannon shell,

· -1- hagiography,

· -1- manual with stone base,

· -1- censer,

· -1- leather-bound Pentecost of the year 1805,

· -3- Holy Grail,

· -2- perfume containers,

· -3- paintings,

· -5- ancient coins,

· -1- old type sword,

· -1- old type sword,

· -2- metal detection machines,

· -1- a police ID card of the person reported missing,

· Handwritten notes on instructions for finding sites of archaeological interest and related maps – sketches,

· -5- mobile phones and

· The total amount of -4,900- euros.

As it turned out, one of the Holy Chalks and the two perfume jars had been stolen in an inaccurate period of time from the Holy Temple of the Municipality of Pyli in the prefecture of Trikala.

in the Municipality of Tempi in the prefecture of Larissa, in homes of -2- people:

· Quantities of dried hemp, total weight -257.08- grams,

· -1- nylon package with bulk duty free tobacco, weighing -37- grams,

· -2- shotguns, without the required possession permit,

· -6- hunting cartridges,

· -1- portable metal detector and

· -3- mobile phones.

in the wider area of ​​Magnesia, in -2- house searches:

· A complete system of organic cannabis cultivation in disinfection, consisting of two large lamps, two air filters, two electronic devices, type of air flow fan, one device, type of current timer and an electronic device for measuring temperature and humidity,

· -6- grown hemp seedlings, up to -58- cm tall, which were uprooted on the spot by an equal number of pots and

· -6- jars containing a total of -73- grams of raw hemp.

in Athens, Piraeus, Thermi Thessaloniki and Heraklion, in homes of -5- people:

· -8- mobile phones.

The arrested will be taken to the competent Prosecution Authorities.

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