Shock in Rhodes: He killed his 55-year-old friend by hitting him with fists and a crutch


It turned into a tragedy fierce quarrel who had in the early hours of Tuesday, two roommates and friends who lived in an apartment in the area of ​​Analipsi and who were addicted to drugs.

The fight resulted in the 52-year-old fatally injuring his 55-year-old friend, hitting him with fists, kicks and a crutch they had in their house.

As soon as the 52-year-old realized that his friend had fallen to the floor without their senses, he wiped the blood and after cleaning the area he called EKAB telling the rescuers that his friend had fallen and hit.

In a few minutes police officers security forces rushed to the spot and after taking the first deposits from the neighbors and supervising the area, they immediately handcuffed the 52-year-old.

An announcement of the Hellenic Police states about the incident in Rhodes:

A case of murder of a 55-year-old man in Rhodes was immediately investigated A 52-year-old roommate of the victim was arrested as the perpetrator, who initially tried to mislead the authorities but confessed to his crime. April 26 in Rhodes.

In this case, a 52-year-old local, a roommate of the victim, was identified and arrested as the perpetrator, who, while being examined, described in detail his act.

In particular, as it emerged from the investigation of the case, the two men who were in the house where they lived together during a fight between them, the 52-year-old fatally injured the 55-year-old, causing him head injuries.

Then the perpetrator, in order to disorient the investigations of the police authorities, distorted and hid traces – evidence, while in the morning hours of April 26, 2022 he called EKAB declaring a sudden death for the 55-year-old.

The arrested person will be taken to the Rhodes Prosecutor’s Office.

The police-pre-investigation investigation was carried out by the Rhodes Security Sub-Directorate with the participation – assistance of the Criminological Investigation Office of the 1st Dodecanese Police Directorate and the Dodecanese Forensic Medicine Service.


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