Save 2021: The initial ranking tables were published – Participation record

Save 2021: The initial ranking tables were published – Participation record

The participation of the citizens in “I save 2021”which is the largest program energy upgrade of homes. In total they were submitted 87,578 applications of which 40,145 classified as “Eligible in principle” and 47,433 as “Runners-up”.

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The number of applications submitted for inclusion in the program is much higher than the previous five energy upgrade actions implemented in the last decade. In particular, the participation in the previous programs was as follows:

Save 1 (2011) – 8,102 beneficiaries.

Save 2 (2012) – 36,971 beneficiaries.

Save 3 (2018) – 37,305 beneficiaries.

I save 4 (2019) – 20,975 beneficiaries.

I save 5 (2020) – 36,364 beneficiaries.

The new program will contribute to reduction of greenhouse gas emissionsin its limitation energy costs for households and in tackling energy poverty. Of the eligible applications, 8,356 (20.8%) come from vulnerable households belonging to the lowest income category, with an annual individual and family income of up to 5,000 and 10,000 euros respectively. “Save 2021” is the first energy upgrade program for buildings with a separate budget of 100 million euros for vulnerable households.

The budget for vulnerable citizens will increase by EUR 20 millionto a total of EUR 120 million, as funds not committed by stakeholders in certain regional units, were redistributed exclusively to the first income category in order to address energy poverty.

With the completion of the applications for apartment buildings, it is expected that the target of 50,000 households to join the programas the budget that will not be bound by the applications of apartment buildings, will be allocated for the inclusion of applications that have been classified as “runners-up”.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy will announce at a later date the transition of applications to the next phase.

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