Kavala: The perpetrator sent an SMS from his wife’s cell phone, after he killed her


Went for a run, got the pharmacy keys, he killed his wife and then tried to hide his act by sending a message from her cell phone.

With unprecedented composure, the 55-year-old woman killer in Kavala not only did he commit the heinous crime, but he also tried to disorient relatives, friends, and the police.

The confessed perpetrator as described by friends of the couple, had pathological jealousy. He allegedly told police that killed the 43-year-old because she was afraid she would leave him with their two minor children.

“She told me she wanted us to break up. “I killed her because I was afraid she would not let me see the children,” he said.

As he stated the pharmacy clerk of the 43-year-old woman speaking to MEGA, “At 6 o’clock my cell phone rings, her husband picks me up, she tells me I want the second keys because the cock does not come down from the front. I gave him the keys, since then the blinds came down and did not open again. I also received a message on my cell phone 20:10 from Aida, which was not from Aida that “we are fine do not worry”».

According to information, the heinous crime has been recorded from the security cameras of the pharmacy. The material is in the hands of the Security who is expected to take a deposit from the 55-year-old who is being treated after a suicide attempt.

The forensic report is shocking. It seems to phe strangled the 43-year-old with one hand. Such was the pressure he exerted that he even caused a fracture in the head of the unfortunate woman who apparently fought in vain to the end to save her life.

It is noted that a few days before she fell dead from her husband’s hands, the pharmacist wrote in her last post on Instagram: «Never regret something, because once it was what you really wanted».

Relatives and friends will say tomorrow, Sunday the last “goodbye” to the 43-year-old, at the Church of Agios Georgios in Amygdaleonas, Kavala.

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