Rope in SKAI 100.3 for immigration: Turkey needs the EU (audio)


“The next big EU priority is for people trapped on the Polish-Belarusian border to leave immediately,” he said. SKAI 100.3 and Vassilis Chiotis and Notis Papadopoulos, the Vice-President of the European Commission for Immigration and Security, Margaritis Schoinas.

Mr. Schoinas stressed that the Iraqi government has already agreed to take over the vast majority of Iraqis at the border.

He complained that with a fee of six to seven thousand euros, the traffickers, always in consultation with the Belarussian government, were pushing these people to the border.

Referring to his recent visit to Turkey, Mr. Schoinas stressed that three days before his arrival in the country, all Turkish flights carrying migrants to the border were stopped.

However, he appeared optimistic about the cooperation with Turkey in the field of immigration, emphasizing that both the EU needs Turkey and Turkey needs the EU.

Regarding the pandemic, Mr. Schoinas stressed that the EU has already tested and approved 8-9 treatment options, which are fully tested, but stressed that we have not yet reached a satisfactory level of market for these therapeutic substances.


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