Wild against on air Adonis Georgiadis – George Tsipras: “Ridiculous” – “You are 100%”


The Minister of Development exchanged heavy conversations with the SYRIZA MP.

A fierce fight broke out between him Adonis Georgiadis and the George Tsipras on the occasion of the report of the SYRIZA MP that money was found in the account of the Minister of Development and justice will check the source from which they came.

“What you are saying is completely false and you should be ashamed” Mr. Georgiadis stressed, intervening by phone at the Open, with Mr. Tsipras answering that the issue is not personal.

“Justice searched the money in my account and ruled that I was innocent,” Mr. Georgiadis continued, accusing George Tsipras of lying and that “Money is not clean” and “Justice has not ruled on this, it does not know where they come from.”

“Do you understand what you are saying on TV right now? You said that the Prosecutor knows, that there is money in my account that is not justified and he is not looking for me “, continued Mr. Georgiadis.

Mr. Tsipras insisted that the decision to file the case has found money in Mr. Georgiadis’s accounts, “which clearly states that we do not know where they came from.

THE Minister of Development called the argument stupid and added that it had been developed by Mrs. Olga Gerovasili as secretary of the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group in Prosecutor of the Supreme Court Mr. Vassilis Pliotas.

“After her presence in Mr. Pliotas, you did not even issue a press release. Do you know why; Why did the prosecutor obviously explain to her that “what you are saying is nonsense” “Mr. Georgiadis answered and added that he was tired of hearing nonsense on TV.

He added that on page 55 of the archives there is a reference to unspecified amounts, but on page 60 he writes that the amounts were given to a specialist criminologist for money laundering who ruled that they are not a laundering product. On page 67, according to Mr. Georgiadis, he writes that the money came from the receipts of his companies.

Closing the phone, Adonis Georgiadis called George Tsipras “ridiculous” with the latter answering him “you are 100% and you are guilty. You will call me ridiculous, you are not a little ashamed “.

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