Annoyance in the Turkish press for the statements of Konstantinos Kyranakis


“Greece has strengthened its deterrent power and is stronger both militarily and diplomatically,” said the ND MP.

The statements of the ND MP caused annoyance in the Turkish press Konstantinos Kyranakis on ANT1.

Specifically, Mr. Kyranakis, after first criticizing the opposition in the submissive, as he characterized, foreign policy of SYRIZA during the years of his rule, emphasizing, among other things: you can say now that as an opposition we have a patriotic attitude “.

Continuing on the issue of Greek-Turkish relations and the inflammatory rhetoric on the part of Turkey, he said that Greece has strengthened its deterrent power and is stronger both militarily and diplomatically, pointing out the need to impose an arms embargo on Turkey than other EU countries.

These are exactly the reports It was Mr. Kyranakis who annoyed the Turkish press, and more specifically the Doğu Akdeniz Politik network, once again republished the statements of the Greek MP:

“The climate remains tense, due to the ongoing provocations from the Turkish side and the show that Erdogan is setting up in Izmir with the military exercise EFES2022.”

“Neighbors do not hide their annoyance at all every time the discussion goes to military equipment and diplomacy, not yet being able to accept the changes that are taking place in these areas that make it difficult to narrate their claims to the Aegean,” he said. Κυρανάκης.

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