Apostolakis: “The concern remains as long as Erdogan causes” – What he said about the risk of an accident


As the former Minister of Defense said, if Turkey continues the violations, overflights and aggressive statements, it means that nothing has changed

“Tsavousoglou’s chance meeting with Mr. Dendias gives us the feeling that somehow everyone understands, both from one side and the other, that communication and contact are always essential», told ERT The Evangelos Apostolakis, Honorary Chief of GEETHA, Admiral e.a. and former Minister of National Defense.

«ΔWe can not say that a change of relationship resulted from a pleasant meeting. At least as it seemed. We will see this later. That is if the violations, the overflights, the aggressive statements continue, nothing has changed“, He added.

He estimated that an attempt would be made to put some things in a row, but added that “The problem and the worry, unfortunately, remain.”

Mr. Apostolakis spoke about chance of accident. «When jams are made, efforts are made to deal with and prevent violations, the movements are precise, especially with aircraft and an accident is likely to occur. The point is that if there is both the intensity and the intention on the one hand to take advantage of the accident, there is a risk that it will be a trigger for some escalationHe said characteristically.

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