Athens responds to Erdogan: We save lives – Let smugglers look


A clear response to Turkey after the latest provocative statements by Erdogan was given today by the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou.

“Turkey has received its answers from Greece, sober and documented. We respond with actions that save human lives. “They will do well to turn their attention to the circuits of smugglers who do not care about the value of human life”, said Mr. Oikonomou today while informing the political authors.

In fact, Mr. Economou on behalf of the government publicly congratulated the staff of the Coast Guard for the rescue operation of migrants off Delos.

“Once again with his intervention Coast Guard human lives were saved that ruthless circuits of traffickers put in mortal danger, without the basic measures. Note that none of the rescued people were carrying life jackets, while the sailing boat carrying them had no life-saving equipment.

The Government publicly congratulates the personnel of the Coast Guard for the self-denial they constantly show for the guarding of our borders, but also for the saving of human lives in the Aegean. This operation carried out by the men and women of the Coast Guard is another shocking response to their systematic slanderers, but also to those who advance these slanderers.

Those who very easily exercise reckless and critical criticism of the Greek Coast Guard, let them see the facts and let them turn their attention to the dismantling of the smuggling circuits and those who cover them. Greece responds with actions to the easy and unjust criticism that some make in words. And a penny of action is worth as much as tons of theory, especially when it comes to saving human life. “

The government spokesman described them as “non-existent” accusations of the President of Turkey, while regarding the information about its intention Turkey to raise the issue of the islands at the NATO Summit, said that “every similar and corresponding effort of Turkey in the past has received a response soberly and documented in accordance with international law.”

As broadcast earlier by SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis KostidisErdogan speaking at a refugee conference, accuses Greek authorities of robbery, beatings, persecution and even… killing of refugees.

“Recently, almost 30,000 migrants, mostly women and children, have lost their lives in the Mediterranean. The whereabouts of tens of thousands of Syrian children who fled to Europe, from whom they were abducted, and whose fate is unknown. Almost every day we witness the plight of refugees who were persecuted, robbed, beaten and killed by the Greek Security Forces. “In fact, the burden of immigration and refugees, countries like ours, which are adjacent to crisis areas, attract, not developed societies that have a strong voice,” said the Turkish president.

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