Tsipras: I call on Mr. Mitsotakis to take immediate measures so that we do not have a dark Christmas


“I did not come to Volos with an oppositional mood, because the moments are difficult and we will face them together and I call on Mr. Mitsotakis to take immediate measures” were the first words said by the leader of the official opposition and president of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras, as soon as he arrived at the “Achillopouleio” Hospital of Volos, addressed to those who were waiting for him at the entrance of the hospital, in the middle of a storm and with a delay of one hour.

Addressing, mainly, to the health workers and those who were waiting for him and after listening to the president of the hospital doctors Nikos Chaftouras and the president of the employees in the “Achillopouleio” hospital Dino Mindrino, Alexis Tsipras responded to the request for recruitments in the NSS due to to come forward, saying: “You are right, the recruitments should have been made and from our side we will push in this direction”.

Afterwards, Mr. Tsipras together with the SYRIZA MPs in Magnesia, the administration of the hospital and the representatives of the doctors and nurses, participated in a meeting to be informed in detail about the problems of the area.

Immediately after the meeting, the president of SYRIZA stated: “I want to ring the alarm bell once again. The inadequacy, sloppiness and timidity of the Mitsotakis government are obvious. To take measures in time for the epidemiological surveillance, for the tracing, for the strengthening of the vaccination, but also measures for the strengthening of the NSS, both of the Primary and of the Basic Health. It leads us for another year, and while we have the vaccine this year – while last year we did not have it – to a million dead and possibly a catastrophic for the economy lockdown and will have the ultimate responsibility.

Now Mr. Mitsotakis must take care to strengthen the NSS with more ICU beds and the necessary staff. To order private hospitals because in this battle no one can be left out. To remove the nonsense in the schools of 50 + 1 in order to temporarily close a student class. 25% of cases are students, the coronavirus is incubated in schools and transmitted to the elderly. To stop Mr. Mitsotakis from seeing in a voting way the necessity of austerity in certain sectors. There can be no test at the entrance of the temples and the believers who want to perform their religious duties remain unprotected. Police officers who check certificates cannot be unvaccinated.

I call once again on Mr. Mitsotakis to take the initiative now. Stop having a white towel on the issue of vaccination. We will go door-to-door with the Local Government, with the Help at Home program, with volunteers from NGOs, to inform and convince our fellow citizens over 60.

Scientists make dramatic predictions, the government must take responsibility. If he does not take them on and insists on sloppiness and inadequacy, we will find ourselves in front of a million dead and we will have a dark Christmas and it will be the sole responsibility of the government of Prime Minister Mitsotakis.

In the coming days, I will take initiatives with institutions, the Local Government and with the parties of the democratic opposition in order for the Greek society to get out of this tragic impasse “.

The president of SYRIZA then had a meeting with representatives of the Magnesia Chamber and organizations from professionals, traders, the restaurant and others affected by the special conditions of the pandemic.

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