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The text of the conclusions of the Summit covers the Greek positions, says Athens


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Government spokesman’s answer to question about government expectations from European partners in relation to Turkish provocation

The text of the conclusions at the EU Summit, as it is formulated, covers the Greek positions, and the Prime Minister, if necessary, will highlight all the issues: These were stressed by the government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou, answering a question about the expectations that the government has from this EU Summit on the attitude of Europeans towards the Turkish provocation.

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During the briefing of the political authors, Mr. Economou pointed out that Mr. Mitsotakis will raise the issue of outbreak of Turkish provocation.

“The Prime Minister is in Brussels today and will inform our partners about the escalation of the Turkish provocation” said the government spokesman. “Greece takes care with careful, energetic and targeted diplomacy to build alliances both for the safeguarding of our national rights and for the defense of the living standard of the citizens. “Because we believe in big issues, they need substantiated positions, they need proposals and they also need international cooperation.” stressed Mr. Economou.

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The government spokesman also referred to the results of yesterday’s meeting of the Prime Minister with Italian counterpart of Mario Draghi.

“The Prime Minister discussed with Mr. Draghi the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine for European citizens and the need for a coordinated response at European level” stressed.

“Agreed again to raise the issue of a wholesale gas price ceiling in the European Council” Mr. Oikonomou said that Mr. Mitsotakis informed the Italian Prime Minister about the new developments in relation to the Turkish aggression.

The European Commission’s proposal for granting candidate country status in Ukraine and the Prime Minister reiterated his support for it, but also the need to revitalize the process for the integration of the Western Balkans.

Regarding the support measures, Mr. Oikonomou said that the Government, as it has done since the beginning of the crisis, stands by the citizens, with targeted measuresalways at the limits of our fiscal strength.

The government has taken a series of initiatives aimed at alleviating the weakest, the middle class and the productive fabric of the country. “We are exhausting all budgetary margins to limit the consequences,” he said, reiterating the new measures announced yesterday regarding the fuel subsidy.

“The new package of measures with increased subsidy was made possible because with a plan, with professionalism, we create new margins and financial possibilities. To support society, our country has taken the most courageous measures at European level. ” said the government spokesman and added: “ND is the party of political humanity, to be next to the people and the homeland. We are next to society and business. And we will continue it with a plan and professionalism, we stand on the needs and anxieties of the people “.

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