Contra Plevri – SYRIZA in high tones for the intubated outside the ICU


The Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris, responded in high tones to the announcement of SYRIZA, which calls on him to respond if at the moment 139 patients are outside the ICU.

“We leave SYRIZA alone in the field of populism and mud that it knows well and serves well”, Mr. Plevris emphasizes in his announcement, assuring that the NSS provides patients with the best treatment, as provided by the rules of Medical Science.

According to the Minister of Health, “the ICU beds of the NSS have more than doubled from the 557 left by SYRIZA to 1300 and all the ICU beds of the private sector are under the full management of the NSS”.

He wonders if SYRIZA is requesting the closure of ICU beds in the private sector that have already been allocated “or to remove from these patients who are already being treated”.

Earlier, SYRIZA referred to statements by the Secretary General of OENGE about 139 patients who had to be treated in the ICU “are out of danger for life”.

“Is the Minister of Health dealing with the issue? Does it confirm this tragic number? “Does it have a plan not to lose other human lives due to government oligarchy?” SYRIZA asks.

He also states that “the private clinics are getting rich every day with the decision of Mitsotakis and Plevris not to impose them, but now, with so many dead every day, this becomes blackness”.

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