Annoyance in Turkey: The US is giving F-35s to Greece and is having trouble giving us F-16s


As reported by SKAI’s correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, commentators noted that the balance of power in the Aegean is changing, what needs to be discussed is that “with the acquisition of the Rafale fighters by Greece, the balance of power in the Aegean is changing”.

The armament upgrade of Greece – with the acquisition of the French Rafale, the upgrade of the F-16s and the acquisition of the F-35s – is the issue that concerns analysts in Turkey again, after the shock caused by the recent decision of the US Congress.

As reported by the SKAI correspondent in Istanbul, Manolis Kostidiscommentators noted that what should be discussed is that “with the acquisition of the Rafale fighters by Greece, the balance of power in the Aegean changes”.

The comments are made while yesterday it was announced by the Turkish presidency that the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, asked Emmanuel Macron for helpin a telephone conversation they had, for Turkey to procure the SAMP-T anti-aircraft system.

However, the response of the French president to the Turkish request was not made known.

The military analyst Abdullah Agar speaking to CNN Turk he said: “We are dependent on F-16s and what is happening is terrible. Indeed this aircraft will have some upgrades that will help it approach the levels of the F-22 and F-35.

That is, with its modernization it reaches the level of a particularly good fighter.

But it sells F-35s to Greece, while it is difficult to give us even F-16s! Or give Rafales to Greece. But what does it mean to change the balance of power in the Aegean with the Rafale?

In my opinion, when we talk with the West, we should not talk on the basis of F-16s, but on the basis of mutual trust.”

The Turkish media once again comment on the conditions set by the US for Turkey to get the F-16s: “The US is giving the F-16s under conditions – They should not violate Greek airspace!!”.

Turkish TV network Haber Global commented: “Turkey’s purchase of F-16s has been made conditional. So US President Joe Biden will have to convince Congress that the sale of F-16s is in line with his country’s national interests.

In addition, Biden will have to prove that he has taken steps, so that the specific fighters do not violate the airspace of Greece”.

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