Radical changes in EFKA-Hatzidakis: Managers from the private sector and Internal Affairs unit


The changes that are coming to EFKA are radical, as announced today by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis, who presented the basic principles of the bill for its modernization.

Specifically, EFKA is directly strengthened by hiring 500 permanent employees and 100 contract staff, an attempt is made to speed up the disciplinary process with a special unit of Internal Affairs headed by a court and a productivity premium is established.

As the minister stated in the main bulletin of SKAI and Sia Kosioni, “EFKA is the most problematic organization of the State. It alone holds 48% of the complaints of the wider Public Sector. “

Mr. Hatzidakis stressed that the interventions have already begun, while in the issuance of pensions we will reach a record pace.

Regarding the recruitments, he clarified that directors from the private sector will be hired at EFKA, while the employees of the State will be given the opportunity to claim these positions if they wish. He stressed, however, that EFKA “needs injections of meritocracy” and the positions will be for two or three years at most.

Regarding disciplinary proceedings, he said those who fail to comply will be subject to disciplinary sanctions. Specifically, 11,127 complaints are pending.

Also, in the disciplinary council, the ministry proposes that trade unionists not participate in order to be more impartial. “We are also doing an internal affairs unit that will investigate the complaints and a chief judge will be in charge.”

The goal is for the bill to be voted by the Plenary Session of the Parliament within January 2022.

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