Greece-Cyprus-Israel Tripartite: Focus on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean


Developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, the contribution of the tripartite cooperation group Greece – Cyprus – Israel to peace, stability and security in the region, as well as the confirmation of the strategic and independent nature of bilateral relations with Israel will be on the table today. of the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Israel.

This is the first official visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis after the change of political leadership in Israel and in this context the Prime Minister will have his first contacts with the new Prime Minister of the country, Naftali Bennett and the new President of Israel, Ishaq Herzog. With the Israeli leadership, Mr. Mitsotakis is expected to discuss strengthening cooperation in areas such as pandemics, high technology and climate change, according to government sources. After the meetings, the tripartite Greece-Cyprus-Israel Summit is expected to take place with the participation of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Anastasiadis.

According to associates of the Prime Minister, the Tripartite Summit is expected to be an opportunity to review the latest developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, but also the challenges facing the three countries, including the destabilizing role of Turkey, but also to further strengthen the already close cooperation. .

In fact, this is the first personal acquaintance of the three leaders, which is expected to confirm the will to strengthen cooperation, based on common values. As Athens has repeatedly stressed, this cooperation is not directed against third parties and is open to the participation of other countries, which share the same principles and values ​​and respect good neighborly relations and international law.

It is also important that during the Tripartite, Mitsotakis, Bennett and Anastasiadis will adopt a Joint Declaration, which will also concern their coexistence, as well as the importance of the 3 + 1 scheme with the participation of the USA. The tripartite agenda will also include cooperation in energy, Renewable Energy Sources and Civil Protection.

In fact, government sources note that indicative of the importance that the Israeli side attaches to Greece’s strategic role in the region and to the tripartite cooperation and participation of Cyprus is the fact that although Israel canceled all official visits for the next two weeks due to of the Omicron mutation, today’s meetings will be held by personal decision of the Israeli Prime Minister

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