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Watch LIVE – Androulakis at TEF: The Prime Minister should lift the secrecy and let Mr. Kontoleon tell the reasons for my monitoring


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What does he say about the elections and the intentions of PASOK – KINAL for post-election cooperation

Press conference in the “Emilios Riadis” multi-purpose room, inside HELEXPO, TIF, given by the president of PASOK – KINAL Nikos Androulakis.

Watch the interview live

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The first question he received was about follow-ups: It is sad to face such sad phenomena. I was listening to Mrs. Bakoyannis who roughly said that it is the victim and not the perpetrator who is responsible for the people to know the truth. What they say; Should I become illegal too? Based on the law of 2006, the prime minister should lift the secrecy, because in a clear sky lightning is not afraid and let the people know what has happened in this sick case. There is no reasonable person who does not understand that when you have been an MEP for 8 years, the issue of national security was never raised, but it was raised when I was a candidate for the presidency of PASOK. They say the folder is damaged. Why; When a two-month monitoring of the two-month pre-election campaign begins, we have the loss of Fofi Gennimata, if there was a file it should seem to justify the continuation of the monitoring. I hear from many saying to make the process easier. Sure. Here we go to bring those responsible to justice. All my steps are steps of legitimacy. They attack those who have a different opinion. I have another argument that I derive from the interest of my colleagues. Is it possible to do an examination and exclude political figures and the only one who is asked to be me?

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We ask that they be called to the committee and the governing majority says no. It’s not a cover-up. I want plenty of light. It is an issue that concerns our country. These are issues that divided the people, they are issues of democracy and the rule of law. The prime minister should lift the secrecy so that Mr. Kontoleon can tell the reasons for the surveillance. This will lead to transparency, political smoothness.

When asked about his party’s post-election behavior, Mr. Androulakis criticized both ND and SYRIZA. I say, we want a real page turner for the place, if the people disapprove of them, there is no way we can throw them out the window.

On “political monstrosity” that the prime minister had described at the TIF, Mr. Androulakis said: A prime minister in a panic and impasse he created uses expressions that do not fit modern political morals. Our faction was the guardian of democracy and the rule of law. It is an understatement to speak like that. For collaborations, don’t make scenarios, don’t rush. Let the people judge the priorities and practices, let us have the popular verdict, let me responsibly manage the mandate that the Greek people will give me. I understand that we are in a difficult geopolitical environment. Others don’t understand it. We are not afraid of elections. Either we go for democratic change or we show tolerance to the regime that the people have been living with for the last few years.

What percentage will you consider a success in the elections: Our faction passed quickly, the faction was charged with a great burden of the economic crisis. ND left behind the country on the verge of bankruptcy, then the logic of the behavior of the monstrosities was formed, to have the same political reason, which changed when they sat in power. We paid for it, but with new people and a schedule, it can fight without a ceiling. In this battle we can be victorious again. I look at the polls, tool of the moment, we are doing better, there is no complacency.

On the energy crisis and the measures required: The country had lignite as fuel and with the Tsipras-Mitsotakis option it did lignitization and not decarbonization, which would have brought us to the same fate as Iberia.

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