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Redefining Athens’ strategy in the face of Turkish vertigo


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The Maximos Palace is determined not to leave any Turkish challenge unanswered, but to present facts and evidence that prove the Greek side is right.

of Penelope Galliou

In redrawing the strategy against Turkey, which is escalating its challenges “without brakes”, Athens is now examining, remaining firmly oriented to the application of International Law and intensifying the fight to internationalize the “from the east” problem.

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The prime minister seems determined to continue what he started from the UN floor during the Organization’s General Assembly, that is, to keep the international community informed about the Turkish provocation and is considering the possibility of sending a letter to the country’s partners and allies in the EU. and NATO as well as the institutions of the two organizations, in order to be informed in detail about the actions and statements of the Turkish leadership that constitute aggressive movements.

The aim of the Greek side is to develop all the risks posed to security and stability in the region by Turkey’s aggressive attitude, in contrast to the fact that Greece was and remains a pillar of stability in the wider region, at this critical geopolitical juncture .

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The Maximos Palace is decided after all not to leave any Turkish challenge unansweredbut to present facts and evidence that prove the right of the Greek side.

A strategy that was already adopted from the trip of the Greek Prime Minister to Washington and his top contacts there, where the infamous maps with the “Blue Homeland” of the Turks were presented for the first time, while a similar tactic is followed in the international contacts of the Greek side, the which has added to its argumentation the whole “gamut” of threats that the Turkish side throws against the country from time to time, from “we will come suddenly one evening” to how “useful the Greeks will find swimming”.

Despite the receptive ears that Athens finds among its partners and allies, it is not complacent and constantly monitors the rhetorical frenzy from the Turkish side. As a government source commented, Greece’s strategy is stable, with the aim of deconstructing the Turkish inaccuracies one by one, leaving no room for misunderstandings and “we are ready to respond at any time”.

The Turkish stance on the issue of the war in Ukraine is also a strong card in Athens’ argumentation, since as everyone in the West knows, Turkey is the only NATO member that has not imposed sanctions on Russia and, together with Hungary, they have not ratified the entry of Sweden and Finland in the Alliance.

Moreover, for Turkey to invoke international law when it threatens a casus belli against Greece, a NATO ally that does not respect international law, it is self-evident how dead-end this strategy and logic is.

The question that now arises is what will be the position that Ankara will take in Prague on October 6 during the European Political Community Summit, where Tayyip Erdogan will attend and will be “face to face” with the exception of the Greek prime minister and everyone his critics from the E.E. that as long as he escalates the provocations and aggressive behavior against Greece, the voices of the partners who call him to come to his senses and stop the provocations and tensions in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean increase.

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