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Economou to SKAI: We will not leave any word or action of Turkey unanswered


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“We are effectively guarding the borders while demonstrating the required humanity,” clarified the government representative.

“We must be ready for anything” was the message from the government spokesman Yannis Economou, on the occasion of the barrage of Turkish provocations.

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Speaking to SKAI and Giorgos Autias, he noted that the Turks are trying, either with fiction or with illegal and illegal actions such as the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, to create deeds and build on them the next step of the claims.

“We are alert, cool, decisively to face any challenge. Those leaders who have arrogance, embrace revisionism, dream of military victories, reap storms as we see in Russia’s war with Ukraine,” he pointed out.

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“The government is not swayed by Turkey’s rhetoric and tactics, but it is not going to leave any excuses either no act of the Turkish side unanswered” explained Mr. Economou, referring to Tayyip Erdoğan’s provocative behavior in Prague, but also the prime minister’s response. “This has been done systematically since 2020, Turkey has escalated the escalation with hybrid-type threats, on the Evros or with immigration with the tragic deaths last week,” he stressed.

Asked about the front page of Sunday’s Kathimerini which states that two cases have been filed by the port police against slave traders, one of whom is an officer of the Turkish Coast Guard, Mr. Oikonomou noted that all the elements of the report will be used by the authorities.

“We are stronger in relation to those who challenge us (…) We are effectively guarding the borders while simultaneously demonstrating the required humanity” clarified the government representative. “Unhappy people become pawns of traffickers, with Turkey’s backs most of the time.”

Certain people in Greece, added Yannis Oikonomou, have adopted push backs – even our MEPs. “Our port guards guard our borders, but they also save lives,” he pointed out. The Evros fence will be extended along the entire length of the river, repeated the government representative.

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