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Dendias: Greece is facing unprecedented hostile rhetoric from Turkey


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From Malta, the Foreign Minister reiterated his satisfaction that the EU, Cyprus, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Egypt and many other countries have denounced the Turkish-Libyan “memorandum”.

“Revisionism has no place in the 21st century,” Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias stressed in joint statements with Malta’s Foreign Minister Ian Borg after their meeting in Valletta earlier today.

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As Mr. Dendias pointed out, he had the opportunity to inform his counterpart about the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, where, as he pointed out, Greece “faces almost daily an unprecedented hostile rhetoric from Turkey, a purely unacceptable rhetoric”.

He also underlined that Greece and Malta share a common maritime tradition and a common homeland, the Mediterranean Sea.

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“Our countries share the same strong commitment to peace and stability based on International Law, including the International Law of the Sea, and of course the principles of the United Nations Charter. Principles that refer to the respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all countries, as well as the prohibition of violence, the use of force and the threat of use of force”, pointed out Mr. Dendias and stressed that unfortunately these principles are under attack.

The Foreign Minister also stated that during the meeting the situation in Libya was discussed and he reiterated his satisfaction that the European Union, Cyprus, the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Egypt and many other countries, have gone public and denounced the recent signing of the “memorandum” between the government of Tripoli and Turkey.

“For Greece, but also for Malta, it is a common goal to promote stability in Libya. And we should work in this direction in the context of the EU and in other international contexts”, he emphasized.

He referred to the words of the Prime Minister of Malta, Robert Abella, who in his recent speech to the UN General Assembly said that “Libya should move to more peaceful, secure, stable and prosperous times” and indeed “without interference from foreign actors”.

He also noted that ways of strengthening the bilateral cooperation between Greece and Malta in the economy, tourism, renewable energy sources and logistics were discussed, as well as cooperation in the EU and the IMO, where the interests of the two countries converge.

He pointed out that they referred to the “common challenge of illegal immigration, and how we can deal with it”, while they reiterated the great importance that both countries attach to UNCLOS.

Mr Dendias congratulated Mr Borg on Malta’s election to the UN Security Council for the period 2023-2024 and noted that Greece “looks forward to capitalizing on the work you will carry out as a member of the UNSC in 2025-26, as it is ready to be elected in the elections to be held in 2024”.

It was also agreed to expand the cooperation of the two countries with specific steps, in the UN and other international organizations, as well as in trade, investments, but also in various forums including the MED9.

“I see our national interests converging, our principles are exactly the same,” concluded Mr. Dendias.

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