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Georgiadis: The basket has “sold out” – Answer to Koutsoumba: The shelves are empty in the USSR


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“Prices have started to fall,” the Minister of Development said, conducting a new autopsy at a branch of a large supermarket chain

In all the chains, the household basket is doing very well, to put it a little popularly, it has “sold out”, they do not have time to fill the shelves with the products of the basket, the Minister of Development emphasized on Friday morning Adonis Georgiades, performing an autopsy in a branch of a large supermarket chain.

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“Prices have started to fall,” noted the minister. “The basket is doing well, people are supporting it and buying en masse, and the prices are starting to fall, this is of interest to the consumer,” said Mr. Georgiadis.

He recognized, however, that we must find a solution for special categories, eg diabetics who do not have access to certain products.

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In response to the General Secretary. of the KKE Dimitris Koutsouba, stated that people are buying the products, despite the fact that he will criticize, and they will also say their … hat, a reference to the abusive comment of a citizen that went viral.

“Because it’s nice that Mr. Kutsumba made a joke about the hat, but he should know that in Soviet Union the shelves were empty, here the shelves are full” said the Minister of Development.

“We learned what material the cap is made of in the end regarding the basket of the household,” commented Mr. Koutsoubas on Thursday, referring to the taunting of the households.

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