Dendia’s message to Madrid for co-operation with Ankara: Euro-solidarity is not a la carte


A message was sent to his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares, who is in Athens, by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on the occasion of the enhanced Madrid-Ankara cooperation. “European solidarity is not a la carte, one must be next to the other,” he said.

Referring to the Spanish Foreign Minister for any intention of Spain to strengthen military cooperation with Turkey, Mr. Dendias stressed that since 2008 with their common position the Member States have pledged not to export military technology and equipment that will could be used for aggressive and destabilizing actions.

“It has given me the assurance that Spain will act in accordance with the European framework and European decisions. “I had expressed these positions in a letter I had sent a year ago to his predecessor and other EU counterparts. These positions of the Greek government have been repeatedly developed by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to European leaders and institutions,” said the Foreign Minister.

“Greece looks forward to strengthening its cooperation multilaterally and bilaterally and in the context of European solidarity and in all issues that concern both countries, and we have an obligation to stand by Spain in the challenges it faces. “European solidarity is not a la carte, one must be next to the other,” said Nikos Dendias.

For his part, Jose Manuel Albares focused on the common interests, the common goals, the joint cooperation between the two countries, as they are both European, Mediterranean, allies, friendly countries in NATO and the EU. He spoke of a sincere relationship and overlap on too many issues.

“Greece can be sure that Spain will work within the European framework and through European decisions,” Mr. Albares assured.

“Dear Nikos, I will never forget the date of your birth coincides with the battle of Nafpaktos!” he said jokingly.

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