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Mrs. Mitsotakis: To the toxicity of the last few weeks, we respond with projects that concern all citizens


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“Today, when the country faces great problems, but also great opportunities, we do not deserve a new division” said the Prime Minister from Amfissa.

“To the toxicity of the last days, weeks, our government always wants to respond with projects and initiatives that ultimately concern all citizens”, said the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during his installation at the Doridos town hall in Amfissa.

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“I think that should also be the message of today. Because the Polytechnic was, after all, a celebration of unity. United our youth then, far from any party or political preferences, fought for Democracy and Freedom”, noted the Prime Minister and added:

“Today, when the country is facing great problems, but also great opportunities, we do not deserve a new division. And personally I will always strive to direct my attention and the attention of the government, which I have the honor to lead, to addressing the real problems of the citizens.”

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Also, Mr. Mitsotakis emphasized: “Today as we speak, a very important bill is being submitted to the Parliament, which concerns pension issues. Some chronic outstanding issues from the past are resolved, debt limitation issues, parental leave for female workers in the private sector and of course the support allowance is legislated, which we will give our fellow citizens in December, 250 euros so that they can cope – to the extent that they can bear the state budget- our most vulnerable fellow citizens the effects of the global price boom, a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The “Household Basket” action has been running for three weeks now. He was missed by many. But we said no, we’re going to fight it and we’re going to look at how we can intervene in the market to get that competition going between the supermarkets, to make sure that the prices on a basic basket of products that the poorest households need, they will be decreasing and this is happening, today as we speak. These are the important things, these are what the citizens are interested in.”

“And if I may also make one remark: These will also decide the election contest, which will take place in 2023. We will continue to fight until the last day of our term, on the one hand to be consistent with our pre-election commitments and on the other hand to face problems and crises that come to us from outside. None of the crises that the country has been called upon to manage in recent years have been of our own making. However, we turn crises into opportunities, we stand close to our weakest fellow citizens, our politics has a strong social sign. We avoided horizontal measures, precisely because we judged that we should allocate the resources that high growth offers us in a targeted manner to those who are most in need. And we will continue to walk along this line,” the Prime Minister underlined.

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