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Pierrakakis to SKAI for digital transformation: In 3 years we will be talking about another country


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“A pre-election attempt to reduce the work that has been done on the digitization of the state” the Minister of Digital Governance called the reports about the predator

The Minister of Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis spoke to the Mismatches about both the publications of his family’s adventure in Mati and the case of surveillance and predator malware

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About how the family was saved in Mati

“By choice and out of respect for the families of the victims, we did not share our family’s adventure at the time. However, and for this reason, we understood the need and quickly completed 112” said the minister.

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As for the information about the involvement of the predator in the rescue of his family, Mr. Pierrakakis clarified that it does not exist.
“If it wasn’t for my family’s involvement I would make fun of it, it’s at least science fiction. People in the water don’t even have cell phones, what does malware have to do with that?”

Regarding the predator and the wiretapping, the minister spoke of a “pre-election effort” to reduce the work done in the ministry in the digitization of the state and emphasized that the ministry neither granted an export license nor financed the software. “The work we have done in the digital transition of the country is embraced by all citizens. What is heard about the surveillance and the predator is a pre-election attempt to relate a serious case that the police are investigating with the work that has been done.”

Mr. Pierrakakis referred to the Prime Minister’s recent post about the government’s work in every area of ​​politics and emphasized that “in 3 years we will be talking about another country”.

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