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Androulakis: Mitsotakis and Tsipras on the brink of populism and elitism


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“Neither Tsipras wants us to govern together nor Mitsotakis”

Neither Tsipras wants us to co-govern nor Mitsotakis. They want PASOK’s votes, they don’t want PASOK. A strong PASOK sets conditions, conditions for another policy that they do not want to follow” emphasized Nikos Androulakis regarding the post-election partnerships, in an interview with all the material on the Blue Sky television station late on Tuesday night.

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He added that he will ask for a strong mandate from the Greek people so that PASOK-KINAL will shape the developments, insisting on his position that he will not cooperate in a government scheme with Prime Minister Mr. Tsipras or Mr. Mitsotakis. “The people will show with whom we will cooperate”he said.

The president of PASOK-Change Movement was asked about the hypothetical scenario of government support of other parties by elected PASOK MPs the day after the national elections. Mr. Androulakis responded with the warning: “The democratic faction called this process defection. Therefore, those who think of such scenarios, let them remember the end of the apostates”.

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He reiterated that it is required that plenty of light fall on case of illegal surveillance assigning responsibilities to the Prime Minister. “Mr. Mitsotakis is absolutely responsible. Does he want to convince us that he framed him instead, his nephew Grigoris Dimitriadis and the man for whom he changed the law to be appointed commander of the EYP, Mr. Kontoleontas, without knowing the reason for my surveillance? If there was a serious, national reason, would he expel his closest associate and relative as well as the commander of the EYP? Mr. Mitsotakis knows the reason very well,” said the president of PASOK-KINAL.

He noted how the Speaker of the Parliament, Kostas Tasoulas, can call on the Luxembourg-based European Parliament service to provide expertise and those Greek MPs who want to check their mobile phones for traces of illegal software and how ADAE should be allowed to check if there are illegal attachments of other politicians.

“I want to go to the elections with a smooth political landscape, so that the Greek people know the responsibilities of the Greek government, the responsibilities of investigative journalism, the truth and the lie. It’s not a personal matter. My goal is to shield Greek democracy.”

Regarding national issues, he emphasized that “PASOK has always been on the side of logic, realism and progress. On the edge of populism and elitism were Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Tsipras, who, when they are in the opposition, often reverse their arguments on national issues.” Regarding the Greek-French agreement, he said that it should have been voted on by the other opposition parties.

Speaking about the case of the Ark of the World, he spoke of shocking revelations and emphasized the need for brave initiatives primarily by the Government and the entire political system.

Finally, he announced that tomorrow he will submit to the Parliament a law for the protection of the first home in the framework of the Katseli law, which was passed by the government of George Papandreou.


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