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Tomorrow, Nikos Androulakis will present a bundle of proposals for accuracy


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The president of PASOK will speak tomorrow at an event at the Caravel Hotel

Bunch of measures to be precise suggests the president of PASOK, Nikos Androulakisat an event organized tomorrow at the Caravel Hotel, in Athens.

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The president of PASOK-Movement for Change is expected to propose:

– The reduction of indirect taxes on food and fuel

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– Ceiling on the retail energy market so that companies also bear part of the cost of increases instead of accumulating excess profits

– Providing tax incentives for direct energy saving interventions in households such as the installation of solar water heaters

-Creation of energy communities with the participation of self-government, small businesses, farmers and citizens, so that they become “self-producers” of RES and reduce energy costs.

-Strengthening the infrastructure of transmission networks, electricity distribution and energy storage.

-Support for low-wage earners and low-pensioners by increasing the minimum wage to 751 euros and restoring its determination through national collective bargaining, new EKAS for 350,000 low-pensioners, reduced fares on means of transport for the period of the crisis.

– Creation of a pool of 30,000 homes to be made available at low rent to new couples and low-income households. They will arise through the construction of new and the reconstruction of old houses while provision of tax incentives or renovation incentives will be provided to individuals in order to dispose of their closed houses in the reservoir. The social housing program will be financed with funds from the Recovery Fund and pooled funds of the former OEK.

-Program for the construction of new quality student residences and, until then, support for the rent of student housing for non-privileged families. Reinstating the tax credit for children studying away from home.
-Protection of the first residence of weak borrowers and in addition:
· A right of preference is given for the purchase of his property by the borrower, before it is sold by the banks to the funds and with the same discounts.
· The possibility of court-ordered lower installments to pay off loans is established, and a fixed and low interest rate is set for the arrangements.
· Protection of rural real estate and principal residence for all professions, and merchants is guaranteed.

Interventions at the event will be made by: Yannis Chatzitheodosiou, President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce (The market situation and the meteoric rise of SMEs), Panagiota Kalapotharakou, President of EKPOIZO and POMEK (Consumers and accuracy), Giorgos Argetis, Professor EKPA, scientific director INE/GSEE (Accuracy and decent living crisis) and Vangelis Marinakis, Assistant Professor NTUA (Building together our energy independence, we respond to the crisis)

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