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Hatzidakis on his monitoring: I do not believe that the prime minister is involved in this whole story


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“Justice must deal with this whole issue quickly and comprehensively,” says the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, in relation to today’s publication of the “Documento” newspaper about the involvement of his name in surveillance by the EYP, he stated the following:

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“In no way do I believe that the prime minister, with whom we have excellent cooperation and has honored me with his friendship for so many years, has even the slightest possibility of being involved in this whole story. I emphasize it once again!

After all, all three prime ministers with whom I have worked were always aware of all the major decisions in the Ministries that I have served from time to time. My political choices were clear and known both to myself and to the Greek citizens.

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The whole case, however, which has occupied public life since August, does not cease to be stinky. The unrestrained scripting and nomenclature, the incredible political empathy and the undisclosed expedients make the situation even worse.

That is why I believe that, beyond the initiatives of the Prime Minister and the Government for a new modern framework that effectively deals with illegal software and puts the National Intelligence Service on a new and pathogen-free basis, the greatest possible acceleration of the relevant actions is required of Justice.

Justice must deal with this whole issue quickly and comprehensively, leading to the punishment of all those who have in any way been illegal in this particular case. It’s a matter of democracy!”

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