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Erdoğan is furious with Borrell: He is not my interlocutor, he is Cavusoglu’s – Fire and against the US


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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan fumed after Borrell’s comments that Turkey should join sanctions against Russia

Out of control with Josep Borrell appeared on Thursday Recep Tayyip Erdogandeclaring to Turkish journalists that he “does not consider him his equal” as reported by SKAI’s Istanbul correspondent Manolis Kostidis.

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Turkey’s president furious after EU high representative says Turkey should join in the sanctions against Russia. Borel also sent a letter to Nikos Dendias, in which he condemns in the most absolute way the “memorandum of understanding” between Turkey and the transitional government of Libya.

“I don’t consider Borel as my interlocutor. He can only be an interlocutor of Mevlut Bey (Cavusoglou). His statement is far from elegant. In other words, Borel cannot appoint or regulate our relations with Russia. He has neither the quality nor the ability to make such a decision in these matters. Very bad statement. How can you stand up and assess our relations with Russia in the context of sanctions.”

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New fire also against the USA

Asked, moreover, about the statement of the former special envoy of the United States for Syria, James Jeffrey, that the United States did not see the meeting with Assad positively, he answered irritated:

“I don’t decide who, when and how I will meet with someone’s permission. I had a meeting with the President of Egypt in Qatar. I didn’t take permission from anyone. The determining factor in the steps we will take for Syria will be our national interests. Withholding the safe zone in Syria, this is one of the steps we will take as part of the measures we will take against the terrorist organization.”

Presidential elections

“Currently, as a presidential candidate, we have the opportunity to contest elections twice. No such luck for the third time. This, of course, does not mean that the AKP will withdraw from the claims in the Presidential elections and it does not mean that Tayyip Erdogan will withdraw from politics. First of all, we are running as a People’s Alliance in this election, we are currently working. I hope that I will continue my duty as President if the nation favors us. If we get serious support from our people in the parliament, I hope we will continue successfully for the next 5 years with a strong image in the parliament” Erdogan added about the presidential elections.

Asked what he will do if he does not leave politics, he replied: “I am from the AKP. Will I leave this party? I created this party. Is it possible to leave these friends alone? ”We walked these streets together, we stood together in the pouring rain. In all the songs I listen to now, they all tell me about the AKP.”

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