Elections 2023: The parties’ goals, strategies and post-election “uncharted paths”

Elections 2023: The parties’ goals, strategies and post-election “uncharted paths”

Self-reliance is a strategic goal for the ND, a cooperation government is the goal of the opposition

By Penelope Galliou

The road to the polls has opened, but the path that the parties will follow after the elections remains “uncharted” and everyone is waiting for the results of the elections for what will happen next. Its strategic and fixed goal SW and of the government was and remains self-reliance, which is taken for granted that will not be achieved by the simple proportional ballot box but aims to bring this result in the second elections.

On the contrary, the SYRIZA and PASOK have never ruled out the possibility of supporting a cooperation government, with the flirtation of the two spilling over into the political atmosphere, despite the veiled positions on the part of Harilaou Trikoupi. In this spirit, the criticism of Piraeus, which has also been expressed by the interim prime minister, that “you vote for Androulakis, Tsipras comes out”.

Drawing clear dividing lines, o Kyriakos Mitsotakis insists on claiming not only the electoral victory but also autonomy by clearly posing the dilemma of the political stability of the country, but also by putting forward the policy of comparison. A comparison that concerns the actions of the current government during its almost four-year term and the corresponding policies that were followed during the SYRIZA government, in the long-suffering period of 2015-2019. At the same time, the leader of the opposition, Alexis Tsipras, proposes a “progressive government of cooperation”, as Koumundourou officials and Tsipras himself have repeatedly emphasized. Alexis Tsipras and pose their own dilemma of comparison between the ND government and that exercised by SYRIZA during its own period of government. Two different proposals that will be put to the vote of the electorate and will determine the post-election political course of the country.

And while Kyriakos Mitsotakis claims self-reliance with the ND and its policies playing a central role, Alexis Tsipras, extends the “hand of cooperation” in many directions. “So we will work with all progressive parties including him PASOK – KINAL and the proposal will be to both the KKE and MeRA 25″ said SYRIZA MP Sokratis Famelos when asked about the post-election collaborations that SYRIZA will seek based on programmatic calls. The problem, however, that arises with Koumoundourou’s political proposal is the ambivalent attitude of PASOK and the ambiguous statements of its leader, who does not miss an opportunity to emphasize that he will not accept the prime ministership of Alexis Tsipras even if SYRIZA wins the elections .

Citizens, however, will be invited to the polls to clearly choose the government they want, because the era of “creative ambiguity” has long passed with its known results…

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