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The strategies of New Democracy and SYRIZA in the last turn before the polls


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Both are hovering around 70%, according to polls, and there is still plenty of room to appeal to their audiences.


New Democracy and SYRIZA they are deploying their strategies in the last turn before the elections by attempting the maximum possible rally.

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Both are hovering around 70%, according to polls, and there is still plenty of room to appeal to their audiences.

The prime minister enters the pre-election game vigorously from the coming week by using the “weapon” of thematic press interviews.

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With the subject of economy and development o Kyriakos Mitsotakis it will highlight the initiatives that the government has taken by responding in this way to the shots of the opposition.

The elections are won by the economy and despite SYRIZA’s attempt to turn the game around in matters of transparency and democracy, the majority are determined not to follow Koumoundourou’s agenda.

After all, he will also have the “air” of Davos, where he had a series of meetings with leading investors, to whom he sent the message that “the Greek economy is back on track for recovery and is a positive surprise in the EU”.

The Prime Minister’s tours will continue and intensify in the next period and as the polls approach, emphasis will be placed on the Attica basin which has a total of 89 seats out of the 285 in the Plenary (excluding the State ballot).

New Democracy emerged last week determined to fend off the attack it is receiving from SYRIZA over surveillance.

They are still talking about unproven accusations, however they counterattacked with a “weapon” the complaints heard in the Special Court about the tactics of the former Minister, Nikos Pappas in the TV license tender accompanied by SMS between him and the businessman Christos Kalogritsa.

Koumoundourou will probably from next week open her papers in relation to the ballots presenting 70%-80% of the names that have been closed.

They talk about surprises and new faces that will change the profile of the party and give a thunderous presence in the local communities.

The economy and accuracy in the market will remain very high on the agenda with Alexis Tsipras now also making targeted visits such as the craft found on Friday in Aegaleo.

In the ALCO poll, on behalf of the ALPHA television station, people’s responses show that people are not happy with the housewife’s basket.

Qualitative data are what hold in Koumoundourou, as the needle of the three surveys last week remained stuck at 7-8 points difference with New Democracy (METRON ANALYSIS, Alco, Opinion).

Alco reports that 46% of respondents prefer a cooperative government for greater stability and 41% self-reliance.

It is the conflict of the strategies of the two major parties, SYRIZA notes, and they are pleased that the narrative of Alexis Tsipras seems to dominate.

The engines in SYRIZA are on full blast and yesterday it met under Alexis Tsipras the presidium of the Parliamentary Group with the main subject of the amendment they are preparing for the exclusion of the condemned executives of Golden Dawn from the next electoral lists with any party.

In the field of issues that have to do with transparency, which almost goes hand in hand with the opposition’s “decibels” with the economy, the official opposition excludes that there will be no way for ADAE to inform about its findings in the surveillance case.

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