Turkey: We will sacrifice two fighters to face a Greek Rafale

Turkey: We will sacrifice two fighters to face a Greek Rafale

Greece’s weapons programs to the national security council – Erdogan tries to impress to win new voters

Turkish analysts remain concerned about defense issues, at a time when Greece continues to arm itself. As it transmits from Istanbul the correspondent of SKAI, Manolis Kostidisthe Turkish media did not mention at all yesterday’s receipt of the fifth F-16 Viper by Greece in which Kyriakos Mitsotakis was present, but the analysts in the channels talk about a clear lead of Greece in the air due to the Rafale:

The military analyst Abdullah Agar says characteristically: “Turkey’s goal should not only be the production of the national fighter but that it can be equal to or even better than the corresponding fighters it will face. Like the Rafales that Greece is receiving, like the older F-16 fighters that it faces in Block 70 and the F-35s that it will receive.

When I was talking to a friend of mine (an official) about the Greek Rafale and the disadvantages that are created for us, he told us ‘don’t worry if need be we will sacrifice 2 fighters to deal with one. This is how we will close the gap‘”.

Erdogan is trying to impress to win new voters

Meanwhile, Erdogan is trying to win over new voters. Speaking to students, the Turkish president referred to his poor youth:

“You know, we went to school in poverty. We had no books, pencils or notebooks, we had a hard time. You know that; We used to ask our elders for some printed notes or copies of books. They didn’t give them to us. Already we could not buy the books, they did not exist. For the notebooks we were given a date after a week or ten days. What did we do? When we came to power we said our youth should not be tortured like this. May every Ahmed not have such suffering.”

Turkey: In the national security council, the armament programs of Greece

At the same time, the Turks are worried about Greece’s weapons programs and for this reason they are also bringing the issue to the national security council, which will be held on Wednesday under the presidency of Tayyip Erdogan.

As the Turkish news agency “Anatoli” reports, “it is estimated that Greece’s armament programs will be examined as well as Greece’s challenges in the Aegean. In this context, the meeting will also evaluate the developments in the Aegean, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean and it is planned to discuss the efforts to protect the rights of Turkey and the TRNC in the Eastern Mediterranean arising from international law.

Bakhceli: We will not die without NATO

Meanwhile, a few hours after Tayyip Erdogan’s statements that Turkey will not allow Sweden to join NATO by exercising a veto, the issue of Turkey’s presence in NATO was raised by Erdogan’s government partner, Devlet Bakhceli, stressing that “from now on besides, the subject of Sweden’s accession to NATO will be like a text written on water.

» For those who want to open the discussion of our presence within NATO, let them open it. We were not born with NATO and we will not die without NATO.”

Ankara will build three frigates in three years

Finally, the Turkish media are also dealing with the construction of three frigates in the next three years that was announced yesterday, stressing that “everything is being done to sail the ships to the ‘Blue Homeland’.”

The Haber Global channel reports in its report:

“The Turkish Navy is being strengthened every day. The first Turkish-built frigate ‘Istanbul’ in 2023 will be in the Blue Homeland. But the plans don’t end there. The defense industry directorate of the presidency gave the launch of the program. The goal is to have all three ships sailing to the ‘Blue Homeland’ within three years.”

And it continues:

“The president of the Directorate of Defense Industry Ismail Demir emphasized that the ISTIF class frigates will be built by private shipyards. He announced that the three shipyards Sedef, Anadolu, Safina will build the frigates at the same time. And thus the foundations will be laid for the construction of such ships for the ISTIF frigate program. About 200 companies will cooperate.”

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