ND: How long will Mr. Tsipras continue to throw the ball on the platform for the bags of “blacks” that went to his party


Reaction of the ruling party after the intervention of the prosecutor of the Special Court regarding the testimony of the secretary of businessman Christos Kalogritsa

Answers to what he testified at the Special Court the secretary of businessman Christos Kalogritsa, for bags of money that went to SYRIZA, after the intervention of the Court’s prosecutor, the ND requests. It is noted that earlier it became known that the prosecutor of the Special Court suggested that the minutes of the trial with the disputed testimony of Mrs. Ethalias Diamantis.

In particular, in its announcement, the ND states:

Mr. Tsipras, who is otherwise quiet, may continue his 12-day silence on the shocking revelations regarding the bags of black money that went to his party, but for how long will he continue to “throw the ball on the platform”? The Prosecutor of the seat of the Special Court requested, according to reports, the transmission of the proceedings of the trial to the Prosecutor of First Instance to investigate the case. Thus, we might learn about the suitcases and envelopes that left the office of businessman Christos Kalogritsa for SYRIZA. We understand how unpleasant this case is for Mr. Tsipras but he is not going to avoid the required answers.

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