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Voridis on SKAI 100.3 : Let’s end the hypocritical debate with surveillance – It is not illegal to spy on state officials


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What did Interior Minister Makis Voridis say about the issue that “triggered” a political confrontation

“It is not illegal to monitor state officials” argued the Minister of the Interior, Makis Voridis, speaking on Aris Portosalte’s show on SKAI 100.3, clarifying at the same time that in order to do this, the permission of the Speaker of the Parliament is required if there is a serious reason for observing the national security.

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“Let’s end the hypocritical discussion about the surveillance”, noted the minister, stating that if in the past the official opposition knew that the vice-president of the European Parliament was being monitored, they would have reacted, however now “Mr. Tsipras is congratulating on the disclosure of the corruption case”.

The Minister of the Interior at the same time expressed his reaction to “the leaks from the EYP” noting that the National Intelligence Service cannot “fly the names that are monitored legally” adding that “Mr. Rammos should “inform only when detects something illegal and not when something is done legally”.

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