Sakorafa: “Wiretapping is a serious crime against the Republic”


“When we talk about wiretapping by the Prime Minister’s Office with the EYP, the dilemma is with the Republic or against it,” said the MERA25 MP and deputy speaker of the Parliament

“These eavesdropping is a serious crime against the Republic”, emphasized in her speech on the motion of no confidence in the government, MeRA25 MP and vice-president of the Parliament, Sofia Sakorafa.

Representing the president of the MeRA25 parliamentary group, Yanis Varoufakis, who is in Cuba with the permission of the Parliament, in the context of the actions of the Progressive International and the formation of the new Non-Aligned Movement, Ms. Sakorafa said that wiretapping “is not a crime or even a misdemeanor . Politically, it is more than a felony, if there ever was one. And this is how it will be written historically, as it happened with the apostasy of 1965”.

He argued that this “outrageous case” is not a matter of confronting and comparing two administrations: “When we talk about wiretapping by the prime minister’s office with the EYP, the difference is not between the government and the opposition. The dilemma is not with or against the government. The dilemma is with the Republic or against it,” said the member of MeRA25, pointing out that we should not belittle the relevant debate in the Parliament in a “show” comparing the two governments.

As he said, the dilemma faced by the MPs of the government extension is party discipline or democratic conscience, “but there is no hope”. The very executives who turned out to be being watched say they are almost happy about the fact. As we see in the face of power and interest, there is no trace of personal dignity, unless it is the Stockholm syndrome, said the deputy speaker of the House.

Even referring to her personal experience, she said: “I found myself in two important moments, feeling that my principles and values ​​were being tested to the extreme. When the memoranda came, it was not easy to say “no”, neither with PASOK nor with SYRIZA, but I assure you, in the end it was worth it. He urged, however, “that no one be upset,” saying: “I am not speaking for you, nor for today. Today we know what your final stance will be. After all, your political gene carries within it, violence and fraud, and trees that voted, xeronesia, even quotes about your political opponents”.

Finally, he said that it is more than self-evident that MeRA25 votes in favor of the motion of no confidence. “We always blame the state’s entanglement with the oligarchy and the parastatal”, emphasized the MP of MeRA25 and vice-president of the Parliament, S. Sakorafa.

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