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Nikos Androulakis: We say no to blind conflicts


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What the president of PASOK-KINAL said at the political council of the party during which the pre-election strategy was discussed

“We need a fair assessment of the political work of our opponents, just as we want to have a fair assessment of our own political work in the country,” noted the president of PASOK-KINAL Nikos Androulakis during the meeting of the political council of the party, adding that something like this “New Democracy and SYRIZA are trying to deconstruct in every possible way”.

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Mr. Androulakis referring in the upcoming national elections noted that “in this battle we must stand together and united. The like-mindedness and unity will give essential content to the autonomous course and to the frontal conflict with SYRIZA and New Democracy”.

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The president of PASOK-KINAL underlined that “the prime minister of the country, showing that he has the same nightmares as his father, tried to rewrite history regarding our Founder, Andreas Papandreou” adding that “there are not equal distances but face to face with the bad texts of New Democracy and SYRIZA. We say “no” to blind conflicts. A central issue in this match must be our consistency. We emphasize the mitigation of social inequalities, the new generation, addressing the problems of every mother as we recently did with our amendment on the maternity allowance for self-employed workers, strengthening the public health system and education with substantial primary education. The fair green transition, energy democracy and diffusion of RES in production is a top issue.”


Regarding the wiretapping scandal and yesterday’s debate in the Parliament, Nikos Androulakis spoke of “”shadow theater”, which we saw in the Parliament, discrediting the reliable public debate. The country cannot be divided between the state of the nephew, which acted as a surrogate, and the state of the ally, which was also the surrogate.
The final taste left by citizens is that everyone is the same. We owe it to the struggle of the next few days to prove that the Democratic Party is something different. Yes, we are something different. George Papandreou, Vangelis Venizelos, the late Fofi Gennimata or I could never play these games with the EYP and the institutions.”

Regarding Greek-Turkish relations, he said that “some people were telling us that we should go out on a limb, that Turkey should not arm itself. To whom; To us, who took the first major decision in writing, to impose an arms embargo on Turkey. Suddenly they are silent about the F16s. “It is good”, they say, “to be acquired from Turkey in order not to get the Russian ones”. It is a battle of extreme populism, extreme falsehood, at the expense of the truth and the public interest. To “wrap up” the possible failure of Mr. Mitsotakis in an agreement with Turkey for the F16″.

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