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Koutsoubas: Alone and all of us with a much stronger KKE


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D. Koutsoubas called on the working men and women to “take their place next to the KKE, in all battles”

“For the KKE to come out stronger in the elections” requested the general secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, separating the politics and attitude of his party from that of other parties, in his speech tonight at a political-cultural event, which he organized the party organization of Central Macedonia of the KKE, in the Palais De Sport, in Thessaloniki

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“And in these elections, the slogan is one: Alone and all of us, with a much stronger KKE.”

Mr. Koutsoubas called on the workers, women workers and people of labor “to take their place next to the KKE, in all battles” and “to reach the ballot box with the KKE ballot in hand”, so that “in order to stay in papers the anti-popular, reactionary laws passed by the ND government, many times with the support of SYRIZA and PASOK”, but also so that the next day “the next, by hand, anti-popular government, whatever color even if it has”.

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“We can do it. We can cancel the blackmail unleashed by the establishment parties, ND and SYRIZA” added Mr. Koutsoubas and continued:

“To render useless the traps they set, sometimes with their false dilemmas, sometimes with their electoral confrontation, to hide that both have soiled their nest. As it happened, and as it also proved in the previous three days in parliament with the motion of no confidence. This is how it has always been done, this is how it is being done now, to trap the people. They do their job and we do ours.”

Mr. Koutsoubas recalled the struggles of the KKE during the previous period, the mobilizations, amid the coronavirus pandemic, on May Day and for the anniversary of the Polytechnic, but also the withdrawal of the KKE from the Parliament during the speech of V. Zelenksi and the ” Nazi of Azov”, the blockade on a ship with military equipment of NATO in the port, the support of the KKE to the students and the trade union struggles and added:

A large percentage of workers, therefore, to the question: who is more suitable, Mitsotakis or Tsipras, answer “none”. Because they know that they both share the same commitments from themselves and that, with some possible variations, they will implement them the next day”.

Mr. Koutsoubas noted that these are commitments towards the EU Recovery Fund, towards NATO and the USA, commitments that “mandate the country’s ever greater involvement in NATO’s war with Russia in Ukraine” and with possible “dangerous compromises ” against the “unacceptable claims of the Turkish bourgeoisie”. He emphasized that ND and SYRIZA, as before PASOK, are responsible for the “labor jungle, for the sake of capitalist development”, for low wages and pensions, the state of education and health, social security and welfare and accuracy .

Mr. Koutsoubas also argued that “both Mitsotakis and Tsipras, before the elections, are blackmailing the people”, the ND projecting the dilemma of “stability or instability” and concealing that “the intensity of the anti-popular attack is what has increased the instability and the uncertainty in the life of our people”, but also “SYRIZA blackmails with the dilemma “either us or ND”, only that he himself chose “ND” many times, when he voted for the supply of “Rafale” and other equipment with NATO needs as a criterion”, while commenting on reports of “progressive governance” he underlined:

“So, the sleds of SYRIZA, as well as some of the ND, would do well to leave the KKE outside and away from their dirty work. Because the KKE is there and will remain firmly there. Against the anti-popular governments, on the side of the working class of the people”.

The general secretary of the KKE, addressing the young people, especially those who will be invited to vote for the first time, underlined: “We can proudly state that in all these moments, in all these struggles, the KKE was the mind, heart and the organizer”.

“The truth is that voting in the elections is not enough to change the world,” continued Mr. Koutsoubas and emphasized: “However, the vote that can be given to the KKE by a large part of this critical mass of popular people can it makes our people and youth smile, feel and indeed be stronger. They are all the ones who can make any anti-popular government of tomorrow tremble.”

The general secretary of the KKE made an extensive reference to the “true art” that is a component of the party’s life and ideology, focusing on the contribution of A. Kaldara and recalled his songs that have been performed by Giorgos Dalaras and Haroula Alexiou and other singers , while he thanked the artists who contributed to making the tribute to the memory of A. Kaldara.

“Apostolos Kaldaras was undoubtedly a great creator who made a decisive contribution to the creation and development of popular music,” emphasized Mr. Koutsoubas and added: “In short, it is generally accepted that Apostolos Kaldaras – despite the contradictions in his musical path – “draw a course” in Greek song. With songs, in verses by great lyricists, such as Kostas Virvos, Eftychias Papagiannopoulos, Pythagoras and himself. Songs that to this day the people consider theirs, their property”.

Immediately after the speech of Dimitris Koutsoubas, the son of Apostolos Kaldara, Kostas, emphasized that his late father “dedicated his life to conveying with the works

to the world not only emotions but also the very history of our country.”


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