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Eva Kaili: “Nowhere does it say that she gave the suitcase with the money to her father to hide it”


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Eva Kaili’s response to reports about her arrest warrant

The former vice-president of the European Parliament issued a response to reports about the content of the Belgian authorities’ arrest warrant against her on Sunday Eva Kaili, through her attorney Michalis Dimitrakopoulou.

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“Ms. Kaili has given a statement to the police on 10/12/22, an apology to the investigator on 11/12/22, a new statement to the police on 12/19/22. Nowhere does she say that she gave the suitcase of money to her father to hide it. The arrest warrant was issued prior to the depositions, on 12/9/22. There is therefore no evidence to support his erroneous admission that Ms Kaili instructed her father to hide the money. Mrs. Kaili, as soon as she found out the existence of the money, she felt that that money was a toxic monster, who had to immediately remove from the audience with her apartment partner. She begged her father to take the suitcase to a central hotel in Brussels, where the money would be collected by its real owner, who was portrayed by Le soir publications. The leakage of information from the case file is expressly prohibited in Belgium, because it causes difficulties in the investigation and also wrong impressions in public opinion”.

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