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Erdogan is at rift with the West: He threatened the USA for the F-35 – Attack on Macron for Greece


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The West-Turkey rift is deepening. Speaking at a gathering of his party’s youth, Erdogan said that “Macron is dishonest, he practices dishonest politics.”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan “guaranteed” on Sunday, not hesitating to threaten the United States, fiercely attack Emmanuel Macron for his relations with Greece, and extol his relations with Vladimir Putin. The Turkish president is at odds with the West, then the travel guidelines for Europe and the USA issued by Ankara.

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“Macron is dishonest”

As reported by SKAI’s Istanbul correspondent Manolis Kostidis, speaking at a gathering of the youth of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), the Turkish president said that “Macron is dishonest, practices dishonest politics, goes to the Eastern Mediterranean, reaches out and establishes relations with Greece ignoring Turkey, while with Russia and with Putin we have honest politics and honest relationship between us”. “These words that I say now will be transferred, but I don’t care, I say them clearly” he explained. “France is losing its credibility,” Erdogan said. He added that France is rapidly losing its reputation in Africa, including in Mali and Burkina Faso.

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“The US stance on the F-35 will come at a price”

“For the S-400 they have been pressuring us for a long time not to take them, we took them, then they pressured us to give them elsewhere and we didn’t give them. The Americans promised us the F-35, despite the payment of 1.4 billion dollars they did not give it to us, since you do not give it to us there will be a price” threatened the US.

However, as observed by Manolis Kostidis, while the Turkish president referred to the issue of the F-35, which has been closed for the USA, regarding the issue of the F-16, that “burns” Turkey, he said nothing.

Tayyip Erdoğan even hit back at the US, inviting Iran to join a meeting of Turkey, Russia and Syria, saying: “We can even add Iran to it” to achieve regional peace.

“Sweden will be shocked”

“Sweden will be in for a shock,” the president of Turkey previously stated in a recital of intransigence for the Nordic country’s accession to NATO, while we enter the final stretch for the Turkish elections.

“On the issue of joining NATO, Turkey may send a completely different message to Finland, and Sweden will be shocked,” Erdogan said.

Regarding the burning of the Koran in Sweden, the Turkish president said: “Did they eliminate Islam by burning our Koran? They just showed how dishonorable they are.” “You should extradite the ‘terrorists’ to join NATO,” he explained.

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