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Ministry of Citizen Protection in Tsapanidou: For the alleged communications of 2018, ask SYRIZA


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Announcement-response to the representative of SYRIZA, Popi Tsapanidou issued the ministry Citizen Protection.

In more detail, the announcement states:

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“Part of the alleged communications between a senior official of the Greek Police and those involved in suspicious activities – published by the newspaper “To Vima tis Kyriakis” – is said to be from 2018.

Everyone knows which party was in government at the time, so Mrs. Tsapanidou can request the relevant answers from the SYRIZA ministers.

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With regard to the excerpts for alleged communications in a more recent time, it is pointed out that: firstly, the political leadership of the Ministry of Citizen Protection had no information – not even about the alleged communications of 2018 – and, secondly, as soon as it became known the publication, was sent by order of the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, to the Internal Affairs Service of the Security Forces, under its new Commander, for a thorough investigation, as well as to the Athens District Attorney’s Office½”.

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