Turkish Interior Minister: US is behind ISIS and Al Qaeda

Turkish Interior Minister: US is behind ISIS and Al Qaeda

Extreme anti-Western rhetoric from Turkish interior minister who directly blames the US

Turkey’s interior minister is aiming his arrows at the US Suleiman Soylu saying the United States is “behind ISIS and al-Qaeda.”

He added, as SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul, that “the ambassadors are conducting a terrorist operation and psychological warfare”. He also said that “the US is not giving us F-16s and F-35s. Who are they kidding?’

In his remarks, Soylu said: “The ambassadors who had signed a text, those ambassadors who had attempted to do a legal operation against Turkey now on the order of the well-known ambassador, are trying to carry out a terrorist operation under the pretext of the security gap.

Our so-called friends and allies who bargain with us for the F-16s and F-35s tell us ‘we want it but we don’t know what will happen in the Senate’. Who do you think you’re kidding? Who are you kidding? What game are you playing? Who owns the Islamic State? Who discovered, who created Al Qaeda in the world? America itself has done this.”

However, according to Soilos himself, arrests and arrests have been made.

The same time, Turkey’s relations with the West are being driven to extremes.

The ambassadors of nine countries were summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Ankara asking the question “why did you close your embassies, we ensure your security”.

More specifically, the Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the heads of diplomatic missions of the nine countries that closed their consulates and issued travel instructions, as the Turkish leadership considers its specific actions unjustified.

So far, six countries have closed their consulates in the neighboring country, while another three have issued a travel advisory.

Analysts comment that such reactions serve the terrorist organizations.

CNN Turk reporter Hade Firat reported: “Ankara’s reaction to the issue was relayed, they were reminded that the security of all diplomatic missions is ensured under international conventions and emphasized that such simultaneous activities do not constitute a proportionate and prudent approach and that such approaches serve only the insidious agendas of terrorist organizations.

Journalist Melik Yitel commented: “The minister said that he will not say the name of the country. Because he said that ‘one country told the others to close, etc.’ That country is the USA, let’s get this straight. They call the Dutch consulate and say we are closing, you should also close.”

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