Dendias: Greece is always ready to help its neighbors


From Brazil, Nikos Dendias sent the message that Greece in times of difficulty is always ready to help its neighbors. In fact, he announced that he contacted the Turkish counterpart of Mevlut Cavusoglu from the plane and offered him Greece’s immediate help and heartfelt condolences.

Sincere condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to the Turkish and Syrian people for the loss of life caused by the devastating earthquakes in the two countries, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias expressed in his statements after the meeting with his Brazilian counterpart Mauro Vieira, who held in Brasilia. At the same time, Nikos Dendias sent the message that Greece is always ready to help its neighbors in times of difficulties. In fact, he announced that he contacted the Turkish counterpart of Mevlut Cavusoglu from the plane and offered him Greece’s immediate help and heartfelt condolences.

During the meeting, the two foreign ministers discussed issues of a regional and international nature, with Nikos Dendias expressing his displeasure at the questioning of the current world order “by forces that aspire to take us back to previous dark ages – where the strongest imposed the their views and policies to the less powerful, when relations between countries were dictated by the use of force.” The foreign minister protested that “we cannot allow something like this to happen” and underlined the need to “unite against revisionism, wherever it comes from”. In this light, he announced that Greek foreign policy is deeply rooted in respect for International Law and the principles of the United Nations Charter, including the International Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which Brazil has also signed. Respect for territorial integrity, national sovereignty and independence, as well as refraining from the use or threat of use of force are fundamental principles of Greek foreign policy, Mr. Dendias emphasized.

Referring to the relations between Greece and Brazil and in particular to the agreement – framework for cooperation in defense matters, the air services agreement and the memorandum for tourism cooperation that he signed with the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias underlined that a new era is being inaugurated, based of the deep-rooted friendship between the two countries, based on their shared values.

Regarding his visit to Brazil, he pointed out that it was long overdue, and added that it is the first stop of his five-day tour of Latin and Central American countries. “For Greek foreign policy, it is necessary to expand our close contacts with friends from all over the world. We want to reconnect with our friends and partners in Latin America and this trip to Brazil marks this new effort,” he said.

Focusing on the meeting he had with the Brazilian foreign minister, he said that they discussed ways to strengthen bilateral relations, mainly in matters of common interest, such as economic and cultural cooperation, but also cooperation in international organizations. Reflecting the common will to further strengthen bilateral relations, he made it known that they agreed that they should resume political consultations on a more regular basis. He emphasized the strengthening of bilateral commercial and economic relations with Brazil, “by far the largest economy in the region”, noting that it is one of the biggest economic priorities of the government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. He also expressed interest in cooperation in the fields of construction, science infrastructure, technology, renewable energy sources, waste management, environmental technology, shipping, tourism.

Another link in the chain that can strengthen bilateral relations is the fact that Greece recently received associate observer status in the “Community of Portuguese-speaking countries”.

He made a special mention of the Greek Community living in Brazil, with members of which he met earlier, starting the visit to this Latin American country. “The vibrant Greek Diaspora here in Brazil – I met some of them this morning – with their participation in the country’s economic and social development, can also act as a bridge of cooperation and understanding between Greece and Brazil,” he stressed.

Furthermore, he highlighted the “excellent relations” of the two countries at the political level. “We share a common understanding of international relations, we emphasize the primacy of International Law and the peaceful resolution of disputes. These common principles and values ​​allow for closer cooperation in the framework of international organizations,” he underlined.

In this context, the Foreign Minister congratulated Brazil on its election to the United Nations Security Council and added that Greece looks forward to close cooperation. At the same time, he thanked Brazil for supporting Greece’s candidacy for the United Nations Security Council for the period 2025-2026. “We also have a mutual support agreement regarding our nominations to the Human Rights Council,” he added.

He made special reference to the importance that Greece attaches to the EU’s relations with Brazil. As a member state of the EU, he expressed Greece’s will to work for the expansion of these relations.

Finally, Nikos Dendias, addressing Mauro Vieira, wanted to state his certainty that after his visit to Brazil today, relations between the two countries can flourish.


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