Theodorikakos: We support our police officers with actions, except for the few sworn officers – The purge in EL.AS. will reach the end


“We support the Greek policeman with actions, resolving long-standing requests”, pointed out the Minister of Citizen Protection during his greeting to the General Council of the Panhellenic Federation of Police Officers (P.O.A.S.Y.)

A message in all directions that the purge in EL.AS. will reach the end, the Minister of Citizen Protection sent, Takis Theodorikakosduring his greeting to the General Council of the Panhellenic Federation of Police Officers (P.O.A.S.Y.) held in a central hotel in Athens.

In the recent crises of the Greek Police, which were carried out with the support of the Prime Minister, there were reactions, there were accusations, the minister pointed out and added: “This Political Leadership cannot be blackmailed by anyone”! Mr. Theodorikakos expressed the certainty that the recent demobilizations made the majority of police officers breathe a sigh of relief: “because the vast majority of our police officers work conscientiously with love and loyalty to the coat of arms carried by their uniform and isolate the few sworn officers”, he explained.

The minister also referred to the effectiveness of the operational plan to enhance the security of citizens, an effectiveness that he said is proven by measurable data. Mr. Theodorikakos also assured the policemen that they have the full support of the government, as was demonstrated in practice by the measures taken to support the EL.AS’s personnel. : “We support the Greek policeman with actions, resolving long-standing requests”, the minister pointed out

The following is the full text of the greeting of the Minister of Citizen Protection

Dear President of POASY, ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow Ministers, representatives of the parties, dear colleagues in the Ministry, Deputy Ministers, General Secretary, Chiefs of the Hellenic Police, Generals, Corps Officers, dear District Governor, honorable and friendly Mayor of Athens, ladies and gentlemen who represent all of our police officers across the country.

It is a special pleasure for me to be next to you, a special pleasure and honor to serve with you based on the honorable decision of our Prime Minister, 17 months in the Hellenic Police Force.

Will you allow me Mr. President, first of all to thank my fellow Ministers, because you have made a good choice and I can see from the fact that today I obviously cannot single out the members of the Council of Ministers, they are all worthy Ministers and excellent friends and they all help the Police.

Simply, seeing the specific persons, I will not forget the contribution of the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, based on the decision of our Prime Minister, to support the police officers with the extraordinary allowance of 600 euros, I will not forget the constant and permanent, love and contribution of the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis, who always supports the Greek Police with actions, I will not forget our excellent cooperation with Vassilis Kikilia, for the Greek Police to assist in the work of developing tourism, which this year set a huge record and gave the message of the restart of the Greek economy and no one goes to a country if they do not feel safe and a big thumbs up of course to our police officers for their decisive contribution to this.

I will not forget my friend the Minister of Health, Thanasis Pleuris and of course his excellent Deputy Minister, Mrs. Rapti, who together have undertaken and are implementing initiatives that free the forces of the Greek Police, you made your special mention before, the colleague Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Kotsira with his own contribution together with the Minister, Mr. Tsiara in finally putting into practice the release from the ban on the trafficking of documents, which is pending, therefore Mr. Kotsira we would like one, a month, two months, I don’t know how much remains, our Prime Minister knows how long it is left to implement what we have voted for. A big thank you to the Regional Governor and the Mayor, because we have a solid and substantial cooperation.

“A big thank you to the Greek women and the Greek policemen”

That’s all for our guests, but above all a big thank you to the Greek women and policemen, to the Greek Police Leadership, for an excellent job that secures the homeland’s borders.

2022 is the year that the presence of EL.AS. at the border was a stop at illegal entry of 260 thousand illegal immigrants. A big thank you for the arrest of over 1,400 criminal smugglers of illegal immigrants, a big thank you for the excellent work our police officers are doing across the country which has led to a significant 25% reduction in crime rates compared to 2015- 2019.

These are official data from the Headquarters of the Hellenic Police which, starting this year, we publish in the first week of the new year and which have been filed and prove that despite the increasing trends of extreme behavior, the presence of the Hellenic Police in Greece. it has a characteristic and decisive role in dealing more aggressively with crime.

I should also note, Mr. President, that 2022 is the year with the fewest murders, with the fewest homicides in the last 12 years and with the highest rate of detection of criminals, which approached 90%.

We certainly have a long way to go, we have a lot of hard work to do to meet the security demands of Greek citizens, but I know that we have police officers who are overwhelmingly dedicated to duty and our cooperation is excellent.

That’s why we’re by your side, that’s why the Government is here, that’s why every day the Political Leadership of the Ministry and the Physical Leadership of the Police are by your side and they’re with you, and you know that very well that they are not words.

“We actually supported the Greek policeman”

Together we made the new grade a reality within 17 months, we solved the issue of two-day expenses, we went to 64 hours at night, we modernized the TAPASA special account with yesterday’s amendment, we solved the issue of the one month you were late to retire normally , we digitized services and freed the police officers from a decades-long layoff which you never believed, the combative five-year period was recognized for all, we put into practice the upgrading of training at officer levels also upgrading the overall training of our police officers.

We support the Greek policeman with actions, with works, in all ways and I am sure that I have forgotten many things, of course. We are not going to stop, we will be by your side because we all want to gain the trust of the Greek people for their Police, which does a very great and important job.

I want to be clear on two more issues and with these I want to close my intervention. Every year the Greek Police are judged. The same thing happened this year with the absolute support of the Prime Minister of the country, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. We have moved forward with change in the leadership of critical Services related to tackling corruption and serious crime.

The Political Leadership of the Ministry of Citizen Protection cannot be blackmailed by anyone

There were reactions, there were suggestions. Now everyone knows that this Political Leadership cannot be blackmailed by anyone. I feel that the Greek Police have breathed a sigh of relief, they are on a much better path to where there were problems, because the vast majority of our police officers work conscientiously with love and loyalty to the coat of arms that their uniform carries and isolate the few sworn officers. And that is the responsibility of all of us to do, and I know that the people in this room have their own membership.

So we don’t stop, we move forward, make the necessary changes and support the Greek police. And this means Mr. President that we are determined as a Government, I take this opportunity with the presence of the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Development in particular. As of yesterday, there is now the path to the new wage list for the enlisted men.

I believe that in this context, the time has come to provide an important and substantial solution to the problem of the dangerousness of the profession of the Greek police. I don’t think there is any sane person who would dispute that the job our police officers do is the most dangerous profession in this country. Therefore, we have the task in the time we are going through, in 2023, to provide a solid solution.

We don’t need pre-election manifestos. Our bonds are meaningful and strong and they are timeless. They are not determined by a proclamation before the election. We will work together, we will find the right solution and I feel that the time has come for our Government, I hope it will be the next Government of the country because the Greeks will make this decision. It will provide a substantial solution to a constant request of the police, which is embraced by society because it represents logic.

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