Elections 2023: PASOK is a “beautiful bride” – Why they “love” it and why they “hate” it


The fate of the “third” as a regulatory factor, but also the last one to receive the exploratory mandate is to be the potential ally that everyone wishes to approach

By Antonis Anzoletou

The “beautiful bride” of the upcoming elections is PASOK. Since the co-government with Antonis Samaras in the period 2012-2015, or in other words since the moment when the “green sun” stopped shining in the space of the center-left, the party founded by Andreas Papandreou receives “attacks of friendship, but also of hatred”. Much has been written about how in September 2015 Alexis Tsipras attempted to approach the late Fofi Gennimata in order to collude with her in his second term of government SYRIZA. The participation of ANEL was allegedly prohibited if the discussion reached that point. However, there was an exploratory communication. In Koumoundourou, they are still “paying” for the cooperation with the party of Panos Kammenos, which according to many was a one-way street at that time.

The equal distances that Nikos Androulakis has kept and the declaration of PASOK’s autonomous course have been much discussed. Since the wiretapping case, many have assumed that the partnership with SYRIZA has begun to “slow down”. The latest conflict with Koumoundourou, on the occasion of the story that a possible association with New Democracy will be the product of blackmail due to the monitoring of his mobile phone by the EYP, has frozen any thoughts. Of course, they are two neighboring areas and conflicts are not easy to avoid. The fate of the “third party” as a regulatory factor, but also the last to receive the exploratory mandate, is to be the potential ally that everyone wishes to approach. The head of Charilaou Trikoupis has attacked both Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Alexis Tsipras harshly in the past period. Emphasizing that he will not accept either of them as prime minister, he has provoked their fierce reaction. “The prime ministers are chosen by the Greek people” the two leaders of the poles of power have answered with one voice and it is certainly the only thing they have agreed on. In ND and SYRIZA they see that this specific narrative has now faded.

They want to blame the “smudge” of the country’s non-governance on Nikos Androulakis the two contenders for power pressuring him to make decisions. Especially from SYRIZA, which is constantly pointed out that it is unthinkable to collude with the party that had attached his mobile phone. They remind, after all, that due to co-government with New Democracy, in January 2015, PASOK ended up being the seventh and last party to enter Parliament with a percentage of 4.68%. The “blue faction” claims that in the vote for the bloc in Golden Dawn, PASOK was the only party that agreed.

The new president has already completed a year at the helm of Harilaou Trikoupi and continues to consistently maintain that his party does not enter into a discussion regarding the distribution of power, making it clear that he does not wish to participate in the distribution of ministerial positions. The question is whether the second election “scares” him. How can he stand between the ND and SYRIZA allies? The final result will judge the moves he will get, as they are different PASOK to “resurrect” by almost doubling the percentage of 2019 (8.1%) and otherwise to move in a zone close to 10%. This is the reason why Nikos Androulakis does not open his papers. Otherwise it will be as if he is sending his voters directly to the two “big men”. A “mistake” by SYRIZA, after all, can give it an advantage for the next day. The latest readings show a slight recovery after the first “freeze” from the case of Eva Kaili and Qatargate. The “episodes” that will follow until the elections will be many and Nikos Androulakis, as he is wont to do, plans to be close to the world of the Movement in the next period.

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