Dendias: “I am particularly satisfied with my contacts in Panama”


He signed with his counterpart the cooperation agreement in the framework of the Diplomatic Academies of the Foreign Ministries of the two countries

Nikos Dendias declared that he was particularly satisfied with his visit to Panama, the first by a Greek foreign minister after many decades. In his statements after the end of the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias announced that he was served with the note for the opening of an embassy in Panama. “I also asked for the help of Panama for the Greek presence here, through the opening of an embassy. I was served the relevant note today,” he said.

In addition, he signed with his counterpart a cooperation agreement in the framework of the Diplomatic Academies of the Foreign Ministries of the two countries.

Focusing on bilateral relations, Nikos Dendias underlined the close cooperation between the two countries, as well as that he had the opportunity during the meeting with the Foreign Minister of Panama to promote cooperation in a number of areas, such as the “Our Ocean Conference” which he organizes this year Panama and next year, in 2024, Greece.

In addition, the two foreign ministers discussed the cooperation of the two countries in the International Maritime Organization, but also in general maritime matters, with Nikos Dendias pointing out that Greece has the largest fleet of commercial ships in the world. “And a significant number of these ships, over 500, are Panamanian flagged. Our cooperation and mutual understanding in shipping matters are of great importance” he underlined.

He also did not fail to thank Panama regarding “its support for the election of Greece to the United Nations Security Council, in the period 2025-26”. The elections are held in 2024, he added.

Furthermore, the Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to the bilateral cooperation within the framework of the international regional integration organization of the countries of Central America “SICA”, announcing that Greece will sign the Agreement in the coming days to obtain observer status.

Finally, he sent an invitation to the foreign minister of Panama to visit Athens.

Starting his visit to this Central American country, Nikos Dendias met with members of the Greek expatriate and ecclesiastical community of Panama.

It is noted that Panama was, after Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay, the fifth stop of the five-day tour of Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias to six Central and South American countries, which began on Monday and ends later today with the his visit to Jamaica.


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